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Old 11-13-2017, 06:32 PM
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Default 06 6.0 5r110 won't shift

Ok I'm the second shop to have this truck. Truck was initially taken to the first shop for "starter problem"..... 5 starters later they decide it needs a flex plate..... They Install a new flex plate and starter #6, then decide it needs a new engine..... This is when the customer had it towed to me. I notice no coolant in res, she states they been adding coolant. I pressurize the system to check for external leaks, nothing. Drain radiator and it's pure water, check oil it's milky. So I pull drain plug and way more water than oil comes out....

Engine won't turn over by hand, it's locked up. So we pull injectors out and try it again, now I'm using a 58" pry bar and still locked up. So we install a used engine. Take it for a drive and it won't shift out of first on its own. Shift it manually it works, use snap on scanner to command shifts it works. No codes, no input, shaft speed, no turbine speed, no intermediate shaft speed.....

Truck was shifting fine before first shop got it and if course they are pushing the blame elsewhere.....

Sorry for the long post just wanted to get all the info.

Any ideas?

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