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Ya I'm not looking for anything competition wise. I don't want to move the factory locations for the mids/highs really. I was thinking of doing a blow through but idk about cutting a hole in the back of a 2015 truck lol. I like lakesides work but last time they wanted receipts for my JL equipment to install it. It was purchased from an authorized dealer but I pay way under msrp so I declined.

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Weird, I've never had them install anything for me. I just purchased my stuff from them and have seen their handy work.
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I apologize for bump the old topic, but I have some interesting observations that I would like to share, maybe this will help someone in the future because once I was on the lookout for useful advice.

I'll throw out two options that I have positive experiences with. I have a MTX thunderform loaded with two 10's in my Silverado extended cab and it continually surprises me with good sound. Ironically my truck has all leftover equipment and it sounds the best out of all of my vehicles. I put leftover MB Quart boat take out 6.5's in the the front and rear doors (moderate modification to the rear doors required) and the underseat thunderform designed for my truck. The thunderform was a craigslist item that had been sitting in a car stereo showroom for 2 years after a customer put a deposit on it and never returned to pick it up. I stumbled upon it when I was searching for upgrade factory wheels for the truck. The system is powered by a leftover Clarion APX480 marine subwoofer https://atfulldrive.com/best-car-subwoofer The door speakers are strapped to the front two channels of the amp. The MBQ door speaker crossover attenuation levels are set at -2db for the front and -4db for the back doors keeping the stage in the front of the cab for the front seat. The subs are wired in parallel to at 4 ohms to the rear channels of the amp. The deck is an older Pioneer with adjustable crossover and eq settings. I run the crossover at 80hz and bump the bass 3db. Since the amp has individual gains I may have turned the rears down cancelling the bass bump but who knows? From a bass output standpoint this seems to be just about right.

If they make a two 10" thunderform for your truck I would recommend you give it some consideration.

The other option that I have experience with is the Focal SB 27 V1 ported 11" sub that I had in my Prius. It was quite small but did a pretty good job of filling the cab with low bass. The plug and play nature of the sub made it nice and easy to removed when I needed the space. The amp was easily accessible so it was easy to flip the door speakers back into full range when the sub was out (very rarely). I was never happy with the performance of the MB Quarts I installed in the Prius, they were the newer versons of the same thing I had in the truck.

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