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  1. ParkerFly

    1997 F-250 SC SB modded

    '97 F-250 4x4. 7.3 Powerstroke, 5-speed, 295,000 miles, 4:10 gears, power windows, mirrors, and door locks. Good condition. Runs and drives great. One owner, never wrecked. Selling because I bought a newer four door truck. In the last 20k miles its had the following new: -Brakes -Rotors -Ball...
  2. ParkerFly

    Cutting out under hard acceleration

    I noticed tonight when I floor my truck and see how hard of a pull I can do with it, once it hits the low to mid 20's on boost it's just like it cuts out and loses boost. Boost gauge falls to about 10 psi, smoke still rolling but not as much. It does it on different tunes, no check engine...
  3. ParkerFly

    Alternator surging or something else?

    On my truck sometimes the voltmeter on the dash will wiggle and not sit still when the truck is running. It's not affected by rpms and when it does it the lights constantly dim and brighten a little. This alternator is relatively new but I'm pretty sure it did it with the old one some too. I'm...
  4. ParkerFly

    Is this too much blowby?

    I noticed today that oil is leaving my truck at a rate of 4 quarts over roughly 2000 miles with only minor leaks. Then I started looking elsewhere an made these videos. What do you all think? About 285k on the motor. I will say if I flip the oil fill cap over and cover the hole with it, it...
  5. ParkerFly

    Any help for Stealth pumps available?

    My billet stage 2 stealth has developed the no start when hot issue, is Gary MIA and Stealth no more? Just trying to figure out what my options are...Thanks
  6. ParkerFly

    Very long crank when hot

    Over the past couple of months my truck has developed a very long crank when it's at full normal operating temp. A new IPR and o-rings didn't help. One person told me it could be my stealth hpop that they were known to do that (mine has about 70-80k miles on it). Without a scan tool is there...
  7. ParkerFly

    Occasional no start

    In the past few weeks my truck has developed an occasional no start. Probably 1/3 of the time I get in it I will go to crank it and it will crank forever but not start. If I flip the key off and back on and try it again it will fire right up. It does it at random and at any time of the day...
  8. ParkerFly

    5r100 busted housing

    Anyone ever seen something like this? Dad had been having a transmission leak and it was finally tracked down to this hole in the top of the housing. Best we can figure it was just a bad spot in the casting that flaked out finally. This tranny has a little over 200k on it, so can't really...
  9. ParkerFly

    Oil pressure gauge quivers

    I have no idea how long this has been going on, but I noticed today after an oil change that when I'm going down the highway the factory oil pressure gauge on the truck quivers constantly. It's not big, but quivers around between the R and the M in Normal. At idle the gauge sits still...
  10. ParkerFly

    What is this noise?

    In the video if you listen close you'll hear a whine or low pitched squealing kind of noise. This just started after the hpop (Stealth stage 2) was taken off to fix a leak. A few days after it was back together it started making this noise. Any ideas?
  11. ParkerFly

    Finally made it

    After a few issues with my isp hating e-mails from the army, I'm all signed up :D

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