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  1. Arisley

    So how are you all liking the new forum software?

    I have no clue how to do anything.
  2. Arisley

    So how are you all liking the new forum software?

    I have no idea how to moderate on this version. Can't find any mod buttons at all.
  3. Arisley

    Random Stalling, like someone just turns key off.

    Check your oil cooler and install a fuel pressure gauge.
  4. Arisley

    Where to buy Tony Wildman ? price..

    You will never, ever, regret getting Tony's tunes.
  5. Arisley

    UP PIPES 7.3

    I have never bought anything that said Dorman on it that fit anywhere near right. If you bought a lawnmower wheel from them, it would probably turn backwards.
  6. Arisley

    Cps options.

    Actually, I think they burned up when he had a fire.
  7. Arisley

    Tuning the 7.3 in current times

    When the displacement changes.
  8. Arisley

    UP PIPES 7.3

    I agree with Riffraff.
  9. Arisley

    Finally have a 4x4 truck again!!!

    At that time, all there was on this forum were new members.
  10. Arisley

    Tuning the 7.3 in current times

    Hard to find true custom tuning for the 7.3 nowadays. They sell them as custom, but most of them were made custom for somebodies truck 15 years ago and just sitting in a file now.
  11. Arisley

    7.3 Super Duty with Zero Off Idle Torque

    And then clean them out really, really well. You do not want any little metal shrapnel left in them at all. I used a small round file to clean it out and then a pistol cleaning kit with to push an oil soaked swab through it a few times.
  12. Arisley

    No freaking way

    Not really.
  13. Arisley

    No freaking way

    Since the format change.
  14. Arisley

    Head gasket vs injector cup? coolant leak

    Me too.
  15. Arisley

    7.3 Super Duty with Zero Off Idle Torque

    OK, you know those little fittings between the fuel line and the head. Those are not just fittings, they are one way valves with super fine screens in there. Remove those, bore them out smooth with a drill bit, clean them out rally well (any tiny shrapnel left in there has to go through an...
  16. Arisley

    No freaking way

    Well, every time I saw Mike, he threatened to cut my salary in half. And then fire me. Actually, I have been a mod for him for a long time, since pretty early in the PSN days. I was actually going through withdrawal with no forum.
  17. Arisley

    No freaking way

    Took a while, site would not let me on. Said "Oops, something went wrong" Finally was able to log on a couple days ago.
  18. Arisley

    Pitted cylinders

    You are putting new cam bearings in, right.
  19. Arisley

    Gauge cluster inop

    Check relays, there is a row of them on the lower edge of the firewall behind the radio. Royal PITA to get to.

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