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  1. ToMang07

    2020 Underrated HP/TQ From Ford?

    Found this article interesting, reminds me of the Mopar motors of the 60's/70's. Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
  2. ToMang07

    2022 F250 Build/Mod/Spam Thread

    Last diesel I played with was the 7.3, no EPA bullshit. I know many of you have had these newer ones a while... short of regular oil changes with OEM filters and keeping DEF *gags* topped off... What should I know? Not looking to tune until it's out of warranty. Then I'll look into...
  3. ToMang07

    Mileage on newer 6.7s...

    So.... single digit mileage is killing me.... and with gas approaching $4/gal a I'm debating a new diesel. In another month or 2 (after plowing season) if the market is still hot I think I'll trade in my 17 RCLB 6.2 on a 22 CCLB Diesel, if I build/ order what I want I should walk away owing...
  4. ToMang07

    17-19 Black XL Grille Super Duty/F250/F350

    Anyone have one they'd let go cheap? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  5. ToMang07

    WTB/ISO 17+ Steel Wheel (Rear) Hub Caps

    Looking for a set of the deep chrome hubcaps that come on the steel wheels. I have 2 sets of the chrome ones for the alloy wheels, (Willing to trade one) or O have a set of the Grey Painted ones that are round I'd trade as well. Or just buy outright if the price is right. The ones for...
  6. ToMang07

    Bunch of 7.3L Parts FS Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  7. ToMang07

    (2) Original Black CPS for 7.3L

    I have 2 old black CPSs. One sealed never used the other was swapped with another while diagnosing an issue, the o-ring needs to be replaced on that one, worked when removed. Make a reasonable offer if interested. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  8. ToMang07

    Debating 6.2 vs. 6.7

    So my LEEEEGUNDAIRY 7.3 is just rotting away. Cab is junk at this point, and I don't imagine the frame is too far behind. So I'm looking at a 17+ Aluminum Super Duty. F*CK rust. My budget isn't huge.... looking at 35k, which is putting me in the XL/STX/XLT range, with the occasional 6.7l...
  9. ToMang07

    Quick Connect Fuel Line Size?

    My Quick-Connect return line keeps popping off... since it's the less pressure line I think I'll just replace it with regular rubber hose and double-clamp it on each end. Anyone know the OD on the metal line or what size ID the rubber line needs to be off-hand?
  10. ToMang07

    4R100 Torque Converter Options

    I'm getting ready to order a Ford Transmission. (Should have done that in the first place.) Already planning a JW Valve body. I know the Stock one comes with a ~1900 stall single disc, I don't want that. Haven't gotten an answer what the HD one comes with yet. I'd really like a triple disc...
  11. ToMang07

    AC D3l3te and System Removal/Bypass

    Anyone know what needs to be done? Removing the compressor and replacing it with a pulley is easy....removing the condenser/cooler is easy. What needs to be done to get fresh, un-heated air through the vents? How do you remove/bypass the system? Anyone know? I need my defrost to work. Truck...
  12. ToMang07

    E99-L99-03 Setup Swap Info

    So I found a E99 out of a F550 that is in running order, 195k miles on it. Injectors (AB?) are worn out. I believe all I need to swap are manifolds (mine are pretty new), intake plenums, Turbo/CAC piping, and up-pipes (newer bellowed) correct? Injectors, I know the cup sealant on the e99s...
  13. ToMang07

    LPO Issue?

    So I replaced the LPOP with a Melling unit in Jan/Feb. Come March, I have a severe vibration I was attributing to a bad injector, I know the passenger front (#1 iirc) is running much cooler than the others when I put the IR gun on it. Well I noticed the last couple times I started the truck...
  14. ToMang07

    Something Broke. Extreme Vibration Under Throttle

    So Thursday plowing I overheated the transmission. Didn't puke, but when i noticed it I parked it for an hour and let it cool. (Actual temp unknown since GS gauge is broke.) Did pop the "overheated" code. Fast forward to yesterday, driving to work unloaded truck was driving normal without...
  15. ToMang07

    Lost Most Oil and Died. Oil Leaking Around LPOP

    Help...Lost Most Oil and Died. Oil Leaking Around LPOP Just need to bounce this off better versed fellow PSD folks. Driving home last night in sub-zero temps, truck idled for a few minutes, (died when I tried to start it a couple times before it ran) and I left for home driving easy. Made it...
  16. ToMang07

    Grinding/Vibration in 4x4 only.... Help!

    So I'm attempting to track down a grinding/vibration I'm getting only in 4x4. Mechanic checked the axle and front drive shaft u-joints and he said they're all fine. It's not the wheel bearing they are both fine, one is brand new. I have no idea what to check next or how. Any insight would be...
  17. ToMang07

    Need Blinker Assembly (Driver's Side Front) 02-04 St

    Like the ad says. Hit a f&*%^% turkey this morning. :mad:
  18. ToMang07

    Any AC Experts?

    So this spring, my AC clutch did this, once. I got it on video after a short heart attack (I though I had a rod about to go....PMRs) After that, the AC worked for a little while, then quit working on AC/MAX AC settings. Compressor was still coming on...
  19. ToMang07

    ISO: 2011+ Crew Cab 4x4

    Looking for a used 2011+ (6.7L) Diesel (250 or 350, no matter) Must be: 4x4 not rusted out/damaged. Crew Cab Power Windows/Locks. Everything else, optional. Looking to spend Under 30k. Please don't wast my time with trucks that do no meet these qualities/expectations. Willing to drive a...
  20. ToMang07

    Transmission Issue..... No CEL/OD Lights

    Last night I was almost home, the last mile I noticed the truck did not downshift where it normally does. It accelerated fine, no TC slip as far as I could tell, but didn't downshift. Got home, put it in reverse, it was almost like it was in neutral for a second then it jolted back and reversed...

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