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  1. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    2011 inop fuel gauge, sending unit?

    Been fighting a non working fuel gauge for awhile. No codes IPC test pass, (empty shows half, tank) Its a 2011 CCLB 37.5 gallon tank. Looking at whole sending unit assembly or just the float? Ford has listed BC3Z9275B "fuel pump" which looks to be the whole in-tank SU assembly and...
  2. Powerstroke Man 6.4


    RCD vs Straub vs EDE vs Colt I know usually, consensus is a RCD or Colt stage 2. I know info on different cams have changed alot recently Anyone running the others? 6.0 or 6.4 doesn't matter. Looking for user feedback. Any other info is welcome though.
  3. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    Patriot (Spar-tan) V10.00 Update 2008-2010 6.4 OST (On Screen Tuning)

    Since the Patriot, team rarely get on here I wrote up a post for you all that don't have Facebook. My post below. Hey guys, Patriot Diagnostics (formerly Spar-tan) Version 10.00 standard and SOTF (Shift on the fly) W/ OST (on screen tuning) for the 2008-2010 6.4 released today, the standard...
  4. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    Crank no start, no codes

    Crank no start, no codes FRP is showing 15-200 psi erratically constantly jumping back and forth koeo and will never settle down (not cranking sitting still.) and when cranking on it, the RP sensor still acts the same and can't get a constant reading. Desired is 5500 Upper fuel bowl fills up...
  5. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    2017 Sport Mode

    Anyone here try it yet? Curious to see, if it changes throttle response like the 150s.
  6. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    Job2 2017

    Anyone have any insider info, on the job2 trucks if there are any changes? While browsing the interwebs I found this on FTE. So it looks like J2 is coming?
  7. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    New HPFP P0090 No Start (Starts and dies).

    Here's the story on this one. (Note this is a buddies truck and he had his friend change his HPFP.) New Ford HPFP, new RP sensor, rail tubes, HPFP harness and air dog 4G for the LPFP. Truck starts and dies, rail pressure builds to 5K quickly truck runs and dies within 10-20 seconds. When...
  8. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    So 2017 6.7 Sub Forum?

    So seeing people are starting to get their 17s (soon), will they just go in the normal 6.7 aftermarket/tech section? Seeing that the truck itself is all new, shouldn't it get its own 2017+ sub forum?
  9. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    (2017 6.7 SD) Coalescer Filter?

    I was looking through the 2017 manual on the ford website, and I found this. Is it a CCV filter of some sort or?
  10. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    New CK-4 Oil

    Should we stock up on some CJ-4 or will the switch to CK-4 go just fine? I see Shell is starting to advertise the new Rotella T-4 15W40. I'm waiting to see what Delo and Mobil has to offer, before making any decisions. Looks like the CK-4 standard is going to start showing up on store...
  11. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    09+ Navigation Unit in 08?

    So what's needed, Im thinking about doing this if possible. Don't really need the sync or GPS to work. Regular radio and the stock AUX input is fine. Will the basic functions work without all the sync modules/wiring or does it need it? Truck has the stock audiophile system, rear DVD player...
  12. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    2017 SD 6.7 Engine Changes?

    Am I seeing things or is that a waste gate? Different turbo for 2017? Pictures are via a user on the FTE forum.
  13. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    Spar<->tan 6.4 SOTF (shift on the fly) BETA "Review"

    Well since I haven't seen a review put up for the SOTF, I thought to write one up and put it on up for those wondering whats happening with this. Here is a "short" little "review" of the the first version of the software. (keep in mind its only been a few days since initial release and we are...
  14. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    2017 SD Build And Price

    I was browsing FTE looking for some 17 SD info when I came across this How accurate are the prices? TIA
  15. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    Blown head gaskets or cracked EGR coolers?

    Truck is a Job 2 109,000 miles. Still has the factory coolers and EGR valve. It's tuned and del-eted with spar_tan tunes. it has excessive pressure out of the degas bottle, sometimes it will puke. (It has the new updated style cap it's around 2 years old.) Over the last 2 or so years, I...
  16. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    Leveling out 2WD 08 F-250?

    A buddy of mine wants to level out his gasser 08 F-250 RCLB Whats needed to do this, we have stock 4WD 6.0 springs, we put them on and came out with extreme positive camber. whats need to correct this? I've been trying to research on this subject and coming out with mixed info. If I been...
  17. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    Barder Stage 2 Vs 64.5/62 SXE?

    Truck is a 05 27,000 miles. currently has a blown turbo so he is looking at upgrading. (I think lack of letting the truck cool down/watching his egts caused it to give.) Truck is driven on the weekends (sometimes) and to tow his boat once in a while. (most of the time, why the truck is...
  18. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    F-350 DRW Wide Track Front Axle Question (tow boss)

    I got a 08 CCSB F-350 tow boss 4.30s 13,000 lbs gvwr etc etc. Since its a short bed the option (67W) or the wide track was not available. what makes it a wide track? could you retrofit the regular drw dana 60 to make it a wide track or is the wide track a wider axle itself? Thanks in advance.
  19. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    Minimaxx Reboots When Pressing Install Download?

    So I got a buddy with a minimaxx wanting to get some GH tunes on it. (tuner is already installed on the truck W/ canned tuning) went to try to pull the base file, and get the base mcc file exported. Press install download and the minimaxx reboots back to the main menu. Tried it a few times...
  20. Powerstroke Man 6.4

    F-150 Door Striker To Stop Rattle?

    I saw on FB, that some use the 150 striker to solve door rattle that some trucks have. Anyone on here ever do this? Is it a straight bolt on replacement? Thanks

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