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  1. C2tuck

    Replacement radiator

    Wanted y’all opinion on the best replacement radiator. I have a leak on the driver side of the radiator, so I guess it’s time for a new one. Remember hearing bad things about mishimoto, so what is recommended? Thanks
  2. C2tuck

    Drivers seat loose?

    Just noticed the past few days that my seat will move under heavy braking. Seems to be getting worse or at least I’m noticing it more often. Standing outside the truck you can grab the seat by the base and back and rock it back and forth. Bolts are tight to the floor so it’s something in the...
  3. C2tuck

    Got a quirstion...

    Some a couple days ago my truck was idling while we were at a neighbors chatting. Once we walked outside (about 40 min later) I noticed a very faint white smoke puffing out of the exhaust. Have never noticed it before and haven’t seen it since. It was high 50’s, low 60’s out so not cold by any...
  4. C2tuck

    Small oil leak.

    Any ideas where this is coming from? Noticed it today when I was changing the oil. Front drivers side... Thanks in advance
  5. C2tuck

    H&S cold side pipe

    So I threw this on the other day along with my NL Stage 2 intake. Drove the truck down to get tires R&B’d and on the way home hammered on it to pass some dipsh!t when it sounded like a boot blew off...pulled over and got to looking around, the IAT sensor had blown out of its hole. Tried and...
  6. C2tuck

    Chrome grille pieces and emblems

    Have a like new Chrome grill surround, bars, and “c’s” available. These are in great shape with no bubbles and no scratches. Will ship if you pay shipping. Located in North Texas. $200
  7. C2tuck

    11-16 Chrome bumper

    Have a like new Chrome bumper off my 15 XLT. There is not a single scratch or dent on this thing. Comes with everything pictured. Only thing I had to take off were the secondary mounting brackets. $400 Also have an extra 4wd valence as well. $40 no shipping. Will not ship. Located in North Texas.
  8. C2tuck

    Plain An Simple vs RetroShop??

    Any difference here besides the price? Wanting to get headlights done. PAS is about $300 higher by offers a lifetime warranty on his work. Retro is only a year I believe. Anyone ever had issues with their Retro lights?
  9. C2tuck

    Why is Retro-Solutions so high $$$

    Bought a few bulbs from retro a while back and they were great quality and good service. However I didn’t like that I couldn’t order bulbs in singles (high mount brake light), so once I got ready to do the interior lights, I checked out and was surprised over the price...
  10. C2tuck

    Weight loss, now....

    Truck lost weight yesterday and every since a couple weird things have happened. 1. The door code doesn’t always lock on the first try hitting 9 and 0. (Always leave keys in truck). 2. The alarm has randomly gone off twice that I have seen. Literally sitting in the driveway by itself with...
  11. C2tuck

    Interior lights acting up...

    Just noticed the last couple days that my interior lights are being weird... Sometimes when opening the door to get in, the lights stay off, and there is no dinging when the keys are in the ignition. Then when the truck is running and open the door, lights come on for about 5 seconds, then go...
  12. C2tuck

    Code P04DB??

    Can anyone tell me what I need to do for this code? Take it to dealer? I’m still under warranty and I’m still stock...for now. Just seeing if it’s something simple. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. C2tuck

    20x9 with resi shocks?

    Was originally going to go with 22x10 -25 offset AF’s, but found a deal on some 20x9 0 offsets BNIB for $1800. I like the idea of having more sidewall for towing and will probably go with the 295/60 Nitto G2’s. Question is can you run resi shocks up front with zero offset or will they still...
  14. C2tuck

    2015 coolant leak

    Just serviced everything yesterday and put Jim’s stuff in. Diffs, t-case, trans, and changed the oil. Took it for a drive last night to get the trans warmed up and when I pulled it back in the garage I noticed and leak on the passenger side. Thought it was from the A/C. Parked it in the drive...
  15. C2tuck

    Renegade Tires??

    Anyone tried these out? Can get a set for $800 and they have a 60k mike warranty. They worth trying or go with the Nittos? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. C2tuck

    Problem with A/C?

    Anyone else have an issue with their A/C? Got a new work truck with 2400 miles on it...started getting warm so I turned the A/C on and it does nothing but blow hot air. Set to dash vents only, max A/C, blower tried at every setting, even put recirc bueno. Sent from my iPhone using...
  17. C2tuck

    Remote start

    Ford dealer near me wants $500 to put remote start on my ‘15...that’s with 2 new keys. That a good price? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. C2tuck

    Wind noise

    Noticed when it’s real windy out and driving down highway @ 85-90mph or if a semi passed me on a two lane road, I’ll get a pretty loud whistling noise from what seems to be the top of the windshield. It’s factory installed. Anyone else experience this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. C2tuck

    Stubby Antenna

    Anyone tried these? Has mixed reviews online. Like the looks but wondering about performance. Thanks Sent from where I am
  20. C2tuck

    Damn dealer!!

    Guess I should have just skipped the free oil change... From the looks of this drain plug (and how hard it was to get out) Ford is about to put a new pan on my truck...and pay for the tow over an hour away!

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