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  1. DieselJpower

    Cat filter upgrade

    Mine has had zero issues, and I'm also running 60% injectors and dual fueler
  2. DieselJpower

    Cat filter upgrade

    Definitely nice upgrade. I have the upper and lower kits from H&S and they're mighty nice. Changing the upper can be slightly messy but a few extra rags or paper towels would alleviate that. The cost/quality difference of filters is what really sold me.
  3. DieselJpower

    Dual Fueler questions...

    Andrew , I've seen a few guys say they didn't see any mpg gains after injectors with the exception of Dillehay's 17. Some have theories that the vgt results in more fueling in the file but who knows. CamTom , message me
  4. DieselJpower

    Dual Fueler questions...

    Kept the 10mm in the valley This truck hasn't had a trailer attached for some time now so can't say for certain. I've had the bed loaded pretty heavy with this setup and the charger seeming to enjoy the added load and buit boost faster. I have a built trans too but converter is on the tight...
  5. DieselJpower

    Dual Fueler questions...

    A small set of injectors say 45%-60% might be worth looking into. My truck with 60% and 70/87 s400 with dual fuel will knock down 18 mpg all day in town driving it pretty hard. Would probably see 21-22 no problem if I took it easier on it. Lives in the 850 hp file too. With stock injectors had...
  6. DieselJpower

    Anyone added a rear sway bar to a 17 and up?

    Hellwigs on both my rigs. Definitely a nice improvement vs having none in the rear
  7. DieselJpower

    Lowering a 22

    Belive all srw 350s are m275
  8. DieselJpower

    2019 engine temps while towing

    Ya I don't care at all for the higher temps ford deems normal. I know a few guys who tried the mishimoto thermostat and barley saw any temp drops. The spe opens alot lower temps and should work awesome with a trailer on there. With a 17+ the trans running cooler is alot nicer too. I haven't...
  9. DieselJpower

    2019 engine temps while towing

    Normal unfortunately. Get the spe thermostat and it will be a huge improvement
  10. DieselJpower

    Blown HG, o-ringed and studs...

    Helping a buddy right now get new heads and studs and 190/30s with a 64vgt and such, we're stuck waiting on 625 studs as multiple reputable shops have recommended to absolutely run the 625s if injectors are anything larger then stock. Claim they've seen failures on trucks they know were prepped...
  11. DieselJpower

    GT4094R water cooling

    The gt45 on my 6.7 has been beat on daily for about 13k miles now with the water ports completely unused. Turbo builder told me he never hooks into them...
  12. DieselJpower


  13. DieselJpower

    2019 Stock Turbo & HPFP

    Everything is SOLD
  14. DieselJpower


    Ball bearing 88mm with 1.24 housing t6 Used in a compound setup and never pushed hard $1300 shipped quick image upload
  15. DieselJpower

    2019 Stock Turbo & HPFP

    Pump SOLD A few pics of the turbo free image sharing
  16. DieselJpower

    2019 Stock Turbo & HPFP

    Same deal again here , 19 turbo and hpfp with 4k miles $1100 shipped for turbo $550 shipped for pump Also have pretty much everything you'd need for a retro kit that a deal can be worked out on
  17. DieselJpower

    17+ PTM mirror caps New in Box

    Ordered by mistake $40 shipped
  18. DieselJpower

    2019 6.7 Motor , 10mm Exergy cp4

    Bump $4500 for the motor Can also include a very low mile turbo and hpfp off my new truck if its needed
  19. DieselJpower

    Head studs and manifolds

    If they're the earlier arps then I know a few guys who had to shave on the tops of the studs. As far as I know the more recently manufactured studs dont need it. Maybe reach out to arp and see if they'd swap you out.

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