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  1. 6.7Bison

    Do it all tire recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for a jack of all trades tire. I'm sticking with the stock size LT 275/65r18 load range E. Being in mid Wisconsin I see a decent amount of snow, ice, salt slush, rain, and mud. The truck spends most of its time hauling a trailer anymore, but still sees a decent amount...
  2. 6.7Bison

    Regen Triggers

    REcently started paying attention to the regens through my monitor app and they aren't what i thought they should be. I used to regen once every 500 miles or so according to the message flashing up on the dash. Did some upgrades and was monitoring other things when I noticed I would regen closer...
  3. 6.7Bison

    Ez Lynk DIY Tuning

    I saw HP Tuners has come out with a diesel tuning class with Nick from Calibrated Power/Duramax Tuner. I'm kicking around the idea of tuning my own truck as this sort of thing interests me and I can make changes that suit me and my truck specifically. I've started to try to compare the HP Tuners...
  4. 6.7Bison

    Scientific Intake Selection and Review

    Thought I would share my intake selection and review while trying to approach it scientifically. A little background. I own a 2011 F-250 crew cab short bed with the 6.7L powerstroke with approximately 100,000 miles on it and is currently all stock. The truck was purchased used with the main...
  5. 6.7Bison

    Joining from Iowa

    Just a 6.7L Powerstroke owner from Iowa. Bought the truck to do work and work it does. Thought I should finally get around to joining a forum. Look forward to learning all I can from you guys (opinions, facts, and alternative facts) and share what I find during my time with the truck here.

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