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    DD ZF5 with Big air and fuel

    I could really use some power advice. what’s the biggest combo of fuel and air I can put in it and still be able to DD it. I have a 95 F350 4x4 5 speed with 4.10s on 35s. I daily drive it and live on the gulf in TX. I’m trying to build something fun and fast, that can still tow. Fun and fast...

    OBS SRW Dana 60 dually options

    I’m gathering parts to convert my 95 SRW to DRW. From what I’ve seen most guys are installing dodge dually adapters or running spacers on the front. Is there a better option short of sourcing a dually axle? From what I’ve seen it looks like the Ram dually adapters are the best route. Sent...

    2011 F350 H n S EGT issue

    Guy at work recently delet his truck. Full 5”, EGR delet, and H n S. He hasn’t changed the tune from TOW but was told at the shop that he might have issues swapping tunes because he has an EGT reading 2700* on the mini max. Does anyone know about this and what can be done? Sent from my...

    OBS Interior swaps

    I’ve seen threads about guys swapping out OBS interior for F150 and Super Duty interior. I’m having trouble finding a good deal on finding those for a decent price. Are there any other vehicles we can swap the seats and console out that look good? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

    ISO OBS CCLB manual trans 4x4

    I’m looking for a CCLB, 4x4, manual trans OBS. I’d prefer the 94-97 body style but for the right deal I’ll take the generation before. I don’t care if it runs and drives as long as it looks good, minimal dents and rust. Plan is to cummins swap it. I’m located near Houston, Texas and don’t...

    Need a zf6 guy to help me fight the transmission shop.

    So I had the transmission shop rebuild my zf6 September of 2016. The truck barely moved till a few months ago when I let a friend start driving it. Well it’s got 5k miles on it now and the transmission crapped out. Trans shop initially said they have no idea how the trans broke last week. This...

    99 7.3 Not getting power to ALT

    I’ve replaced the batteries, starter, alternator, and solenoid on this truck. For some reason it’s not getting power to the back of the alternator or at the glow plug relay. Truck runs great until the battery looses charge. Someone suggested cutting the fuseable link out of the wire from the...

    2011 6.7 died

    Grandpa bought a used 6.7 with 124k miles on it for a work truck. Got a mile from the dealer and the CEL came on. He got it to west Texas and scanned it. Scan showed the EGR was dirty and the *** needed a new heater. They fixed that and the truck ran good but the CEL stayed on. Coming down the...

    460BBF or LS6.0

    I've got a 95 GT Mustang that I'd like to do some work to. I wanted to do a 460BBF twin turbo. Seems pretty cheap to get power out of them and plenty of guys are boosting them in stock form. But everyone keeps telling me to go LS. I have a ton of respect for the LS engines but I'm not very...

    Zf6 issue

    I down shifted my truck yesterday from 3rd to 2nd and when letting off the clutch the transmission popped. I came to a stop. Couldn't get it in to any other gear. I put the truck in to 4 low and tried to move it. It appears to be stuck in 3rd gear regardless of where the shifter is positioned...

    99 seat conversion.

    I've started keeping an eye on CL and ebay for seats for my truck. I absolutely love the 6.7 XL seats in vinyl. I think they look great. So I've been pretty set on those seats with a 6.4 console. Has anyone done this before? Just wondering if there will be any fitment issues. I've also seen...

    Need wheel and tire advice

    I currently run Goodyear Military 37s. They've been great for the most part. As soon as the pipeline picks back up I'm getting in to it. This will have me all over the country and far away from my Military tire dealer. I've decided to go ahead and upgrade my wheels and tires. My welder weighs...

    6.4 SCT ****** package Houston

    I just seen this on CL. Don't know anything about the seller or the listing just wanted to share it. '09 F350 ****** pipe + access. - $550 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk

    Issues after CPS change?

    My truck has had a slight shudder at around 2400 RPM. It runs great other than that. I decided to go ahead and replace the CPS. Swapped em out yesterday and the truck fired right up. I didn't test drive it yesterday. Got in the morning to go to work and it's running like chit. Fires up fine but...

    2011 front clip conversion wrote up?

    Has anyone seen a write up on this? I need to paint my truck but I'd really like to update that front clip before doing so. I've started collecting parts but I'd love to read a write up on it. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk

    Horrible squeeling from front axle?

    Yesterday my truck started squeling. I figured I had a break hanging up. I went ahead and drove it home. Got up this morning and looked at it. I noticed metal shavings on my passenger wheel so I pulled the wheel. Rotor looked like it could be replaced so I pulled it to. Brake pads looked like...

    Coolant filter water pump

    I seen your water pump coolant filter kit online for 360 bucks. That includes silicone hoses. Do you offer a discount for members? Can I buy this kit with out the hoses? I just bought new radiator hoses and do not need these. E99 F350/zf6/guages/arp/comp/stellite/ billet wheel/ bellowed... Need...

    GlowShift gauges

    I know the reputation these gauges have but they came with my truck when I bought em. The kid did a half ass attempt at hooking them up. The only one that appears to be working correctly is the water temp. Before I rebuilt my oil cooler it would go as high as 160*. Now it's showing 180*. I'm...

    7.3 coolant leak

    A few weeks ago I had to rebuild my oil cooler. Did a flush and changed all the fluids. Thought I was good and a week later my fan started kicking on once the engine was hot. I checked the coolant resivor and it was damn near dry. Added coolant and let the engine run. From what I can see none of...

    99 F350 death wobble?

    My truck is starting to get a bad death wobble. It has a single steering stabilizer but the issue has just recently popped up. The tires are 34.5x12.50 that are chitty bias ply military tires. I'm wondering if a dual steering stabilizer is going to stop the death wobble. I'll be putting a...

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