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  1. jdgleason

    Who's going to Rudy's fall event?

    Looks like the stars finally aligned to where I've got the time to finally make this trip happen! I'll be bringing the truck out for it... Who's going?!
  2. jdgleason

    Alradco Intercooler Testing!

    So, I've always seen mixed reviews on intercoolers, so I figured it was time that we got some solid data on one. Peter from Alradco was all about helping make it happen, so we came up with a game plan to get some good solid info on this intercooler doing what most of us do with our trucks :D...
  3. jdgleason

    6.4 Injector Set $700

    Hey guys, I have a set of 6.4 injectors for sale. They look brand new, but I can't vouch for their condition - probably just be a core set for someone. Unknown mileage. $700 shipped.
  4. jdgleason

    Looking for 6.4 heads

    Looking for some core/rebuildable 6.4 heads in good shape. Let me know what you have!
  5. jdgleason

    Low Mile Transfer Case

    Hey guys, I have a transfer case for sale out of a 2009 F250. Has approximately 20k on it, and is in perfect shape. From an auto trans and switch to engage it, not the lever. Drive train came out of the truck for a build and then went a different direction. I'd like to get $1,000 for it...
  6. jdgleason

    Removable Trailer Fenders

    Hey guys! I'm going to be rebuilding one of my dad's trailers soon and I want to cut the fenders off of it and throw some removable fenders on it! Who has these? Anyone know good places to get paintable/coatable tandem axle fenders that I can buy? Looking for ideas!
  7. jdgleason

    Above and beyond

    Just wanted to take some time to say thank you Matt! Time and time again Matt has gone above and beyond for me and I can't thank him enough! He has spent countless late hours working on stuff for me when he is busy, at home, etc. I am constantly amazed with your guys' customer service, and I...
  8. jdgleason

    Diesels on the Mountain NHRDA Bandimere

    Who's going?! End of May... Sled pulls, drag racing. A little thin air would do everyone some good! :D
  9. jdgleason

    Steering stabilizers

    Alright guys, I am wanting some info on steering stabilizers. Something I've never looked into, and I realized I really don't know a lot of pros, cons, etc behind them. When should the stock one be replaced? I'm mainly interested in either the Carli high mount vs the Icon dual steering...
  10. jdgleason

    Hellwig sway bars

    A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to try and make my truck as stable as I could at speed, towing, turning, whatever and I knew of several guys that have run Hellwig bars, but very little info on them. From what I saw with one of the trucks Justin did, i figured they'd be worth a shot...
  11. jdgleason

    OUO Traction Bar and ALA Install

    Everybody knows I have been super excited about my OUO goodies showing up, so I figured I'd put up a thread showcasing these bad boys! The quality of this stuff is outrageous. The packaging, all of the hardware packaged individually, the QC is all top shelf...
  12. jdgleason

    Driveshaft Hoops

    Does anyone have any pictures or ideas for some super clean driveshaft hoops? Never thought much about them, but it might be time to look into them lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. jdgleason

    1 piece driveshaft

    Anyone running one in a ccsb? Pros, cons? Been thinking about this for a while now, just don't really know if it's worth it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. jdgleason

    My factory sub and amp upgrade

    Alright guys! For those of you with factory sub and amp combo like me, I have a cool new upgrade. Get rid of the factory sub and amp for some sweet JL stuff! A while back I sound deadened the doors and back wall of my truck. Not necessarily for better sound from the sub as much as I wanted to...
  15. jdgleason

    Elite Tow Powers and II Pump

    Hey guys! I have a buddy that has a set of Elite's tow power turbos (Billet 59 and 71) and an Industrial Dragonfire pump for sale. The pump and the turbos have about 7,000 miles on them. He wants cores for the turbos (rebuildable is fine) and doesn't need a core for the pump. Turbos - $2,200...
  16. jdgleason

    Road trip in the 450!

    Justin, our buddy Ken and I are rolling out east in Justin's new F450! Our first tank of fuel, we went 397 miles on 30.9 gallons of fuel with the cruise set at 82mph. Right around 13 mpg hand calculated... Pretty impressed! His tires measure 36" tall, so rpms are lower than normal, but the...
  17. jdgleason

    08+ Factory Sub boxes

    Hey Guys! Like the title says - Looking for the factory sub box that comes behind the seat of the loaded up trucks. Don't need the sub or anything else, and I'm lookin' for cheap. PM me with what you have!
  18. jdgleason

    A truck with a different goal in mind...

    Several of you know my buddy Justin, and since he hardly posts on here, I felt like I should show off a project he's been working on for a customer of his. A customer of his decided that he wanted a truck after riding in Justin's 6.4... it was a new experience for him since he owns a Porsche...
  19. jdgleason

    Factory sound question

    Hey guys! Can anyone tell me exactly what the differences are from a 2010 lariat ultimate truck with the factory sub/amp, tweeters etc vs a 2013 platinum truck are? At a quick glance the plugs and everything look identical but I'm not sure. Wondering if the door speakers are different? Seems...
  20. jdgleason

    Diesels on the Mountain

    Who's going? Who's competing? I'll probably sled pull and drag race. I should be around for the dyno but idk if I'll roll the truck. That pecker 200whp_liter should be with me.

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