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    08-10 Harley Davidson edition 20's with OEM Ford Toyos

    I've got a set of REALLY nice Harley wheels. These wheels were in storage from 2010 to 2015!!!!!!!!!!!! I put brand new Toyo AT's on them. The tires were brand new take-offs off of a 2015. I have put about 8k miles on them. They are mounted/balanced. THEY DO NOT HAVE TPMS...
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    2009 F350 CCLB Lariat SRW. Fully loaded Oxford on Black.

    105k miles. Custom tunes, No limit intake. CLEAN special order truck. Has RAPID SUPPLEMENTAL HEAT, sunroof, nav, pedals, heated seats, reverse prox, body side moldings, memory group, etc. Has flip down center seat, but I also have a perfect lariat console for it. Truck has two dings on the...
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    I didn't realize how much fuel they would take to get moving... I had to almost double LBF down low. Granted, I run a tight ship on LBF LOL The truck is cleaner overall from the bottom to the top. It's a surreal feeling rolling into it from 85-135 running my buddy's mustang, hanging with...
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    ported intake bolt torque?

    plan was blue loctite and ~15-20% over OEM torque spec on the short bolts TIA for any input
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    WTB: factory 6.4 front bumper

    don't care if it's chrome or painted, but if it's chrome, it needs to be minty fresh LMK what you've got! thanks
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    2015+ King Ranch lighted steps. black with polished stainless

    I have a set of the lighted OEM King Ranch steps off of a 16 model truck. They are BLACK plastic with polished stainless inserts. They were removed with very few miles. Mint condition and ready to install. I'm in the S Houston area. $300 cash and carry. I will meet within a reasonable...
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    6.4 owners with GH MCC tunes...

    Hollar at me if you want to try a trans tune. My job 1 tune is set up for my reg cab, though I could tweak it for a heavier truck. My job 2 tune is on my CCLB and it's pretty mint. What's different? I'm locking the converter in 3rd at part throttle. Really helps put power to the ground...
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    WTB: Platinum door handles

    LMK thanks
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    Chrome tow hooks 08-10

    looking for a set of nice 6.4 chrome tow hooks LMK thanks
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    H&S Mini Maxx Race tuner

    Original Race model great for 6.4's works up to 2012 Ford. Not VIN locked. Removed from my 6.4. No issues. Fully updated and ready to install! EVERYTHING other than the head unit is NEW. New OBD connector, HDMI cable, power wire, SD card, and heavy duty windshield mount (not the flimsy one...
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    WTB; Oxford White CCLB lariat

    don't care if it's 6.0, 6.4, or 6.7, as long as it's appropriately priced prefer low miles with black interior. will pay top dollar for exactly what I want But I can live with tan or stone in a 6.4 for example. thanks
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    chinese heads?

    I've always used Ford heads for 6.4 builds. Has anybody used the aftermarket chinese castings? are they decent? junk? I don't particularly care for hecho en cheena, but I've used chinese heads in the past with success. Just looking for insight on these. I've never seen a pair
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    WTB: CCLB SRW 6.7 Lariat or Platinum. Will trade my RCLB 6.4 towards or pay cash.

    looking for a CCLB SRW 6.7 Lariat or Platinum must be white, silver, gray, black or kodiak. the closer to 100% OEM the better looking to pay trade-in, but will come up for the right truck. if interested, I'll trade my reg cab towards it. I would be fair on a trade deal if you wanted the...
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    6.0+ manual transfer case

    Please let me know exactly what you've got (year, condition, with/without linkage, etc.) and how much you want for it. Prefer local-er to DFW or Houston, but I'll pay pallet shipping. I'll buy more than one if you've got them. Thanks
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    PHP Hydra loaded with GH tunes for '01 auto. Brand new never opened. $300

    Bought for my 7.3 then sold the truck before I ever even opened the box. Spec'd for a stock '01 auto truck. Has standard tune set. $300
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    how much trans to hold 575-625rwhp?

    what needs to be done to the transmission to hold this kind of power? is it only the 15's that are ****ting the bed?
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    American Force Hero 22x10 w/ Nitto 420's

    Tires have maybe 5000 miles on them w/ no burnouts or other such dumbassery... I managed to pull a dumb ass and went into auto-pilot mode one day washing the truck, and sprayed them down with purple power like I always do my OEM clear-coated wheels :doh: SO, I just had them fully polished...
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    All are in excellent shape. Zero HDMI connector glitch. Brand new SanDisk memory cards, fully updated, all original features intact. Ready to install. Original Race tuner. Great for 6.4's. - $1000 shipped/insured International Street. Great for 6.4's or 6.7's up to 2014 - $1100...
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    WTB: Manual transfer case 6.0/6.4

    prefer with linkage and shift handle LMK what you've got. Closer to Houston TX the better :D
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    H&S tuner collection spring cleaning. Mini Maxx & XRT PRO for sale in Houston area

    H&S tuner collection spring cleaning. Mini Maxx & XRT PRO for sale in Houston area Ok, I'm freeing up some space in my personal collection. As these tuners are used and/or discontinued, I will only sell face to face locally (Houston, TX area) to ensure that everything is installed correctly...

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