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  1. shmoozer

    Used and or broken FICM

    Looking for a very used or damaged FICM. I’ve got an idea that I’d like to explore but need a FICM to take a part. I don’t care what the condition is as long as the plugs on the bottom are intact. Because it’s going to be torn a to pieces obviously the cheaper the better. If anybody had anything...
  2. shmoozer

    5R110 No forward or reverse gears after install

    Seeking help and advice from the collective PSA think tank. Just before Memorial Day weekend the direct clutches in my trans finally decided they had had enough. I ordered Warrens Comp Plus kit and a PI triple disk converter and dropped my trans and parts off to a local to me trans builder...
  3. shmoozer

    04 shifting issues.

    Took the truck out to get some food the other night after work. While I was out I decided that it would be a good time to swing thru the parts house and snag a couple of new batteries. Installed them in the parking lot, fire the truck up and head on my way home. About 2 blocks down the road...
  4. shmoozer

    2004 broken front spring.

    As the title states about a month ago I found a broken front spring on my truck. As a result I'm looking into giving the truck a little bit of an altitude change. When I bought the truck it had a supposed 4" lift and a set of 35's on it. The front springs are a 3 leaf pack and the hangers look...
  5. shmoozer

    1972 Camaro 468 BBC drag car.

    Posting this for a good friend of mine. As the title states it's a '72 Camaro with a 468 BBC in it. Below is a link to his ad on Racing Junk as well as his number. His name is Robert, feel free to call or txt him anytime. +1 (318) 407-0241...
  6. shmoozer

    Vehicle inspections in Texas

    Hey guys, I'm getting ready to move down to Texas from Colorado for a couple of years while working on a new wind farm going in. I'll be up around the Lubbock area and am wondering what all I'm going to have to get "fixed" or in working order before trying to register. The truck in question is...
  7. shmoozer

    Time for upgrades. Few questions and input needed.

    Truck build post on PSA. I'm currently in the process of acquiring the final parts for my little build. Truck is an '04 with the basic mods, studded, ******d, regulated return yada yada yada... Truck for the time being is a DD although I do have a company truck that I spend most of my day in...
  8. shmoozer

    Diesels on the Mountain '15

    Diesels in the Mountain is the weekend. Who all is going? I plan on at least one day and would like to meet some of you phuckers in person finally! -KCCO-
  9. shmoozer

    High boost numbers- Low power- Funny Noise Help

    Alright friends of PSA, I've got a couple questions. Hopped in my truck this morning to let it warm up before heading out to run some errands. Driving down the hwy I notice that my boost levels were awful high for the speed I was going. I let off the pedal and it sounds like a BOV. I've heard...
  10. shmoozer

    FICM lead time

    I'm looking at purchasing the Sinister 58v FICM from you guys as I found out my current one like to sit in the upper 30's to low low 40's. I was wondering what kind of feedback you guys have had with them. If its been reasonable feedback then I would like to know how long it would take to get...

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