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  1. 3brorce

    High pressure or single

    The truck already has a Barder 73mm low pressure. Throw a 59mm high pressure or scrap the compounds and go s468 single? No plans to add fuel.
  2. 3brorce

    22x10 Fuel Maverick/35x12.5x22 Atturo Trail Blade MT

    22x10 Fuel Maverick/35x12.5x22 Atturo Trail Blade MT Tires and wheels only have 5k miles on them. Never had them on in the winter. Center caps come with as well. Like new just going a different route next spring. No scratches or curb rash. $2300.00 OBO Located near Frankfort, Illinois...
  3. 3brorce

    Continental Crosscontact LX20 275/55/20

    4-Continental Crosscontact LX20 eco plus 275/55/20 They have only 4k miles on them. $400.00 OBO 708-nineninezero-7006 Located in Monee, IL.
  4. 3brorce

    20x10 Eagle Alloy 016s on 33" Mickeys

    Eagle Alloy 016 20x10 -21 Offset 8x170 on 33/13.50/20 Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ tires. Wheels have factory TPMS sensors. I have a spare tire as well. 4 wheels and 5 tires. 2 of the tires are maybe 30-40%. 2 others are 60% or so and I would say the spare is 80-90%. No plugs or patches in tires...
  5. 3brorce

    p2610, c1155, c1233

    c1155 and 1233 are wheel speed sensor codes. Should I just repleace the whole hub/bearing assembly or just the abs sensor itself? Also have p2610 ecm/pcm time out code. The truck seems to run fine and that but have a CEL for that 2610. I am going to see if taking the #36 fuse out does anything...
  6. 3brorce

    Reverse Level

    Looking for pictures of F250s that are reverse leveled and what was taken out of the rear. Currently the truck has factory f250 blocks/springs in the back with a 1 inch spacer under the front suspension. Looking to take the 1" spacer out of the front and make the back level with the front.
  7. 3brorce

    Beech 4-Link

    Beech 4-link that was on his 08 6.4 for DPC 13. Has Ballistic joints. Said to have 3k miles on when I bought it and I never installed. $700.00 708-990-7006
  8. 3brorce

    6.4 Spartan Tuner

    $825.00 Needs relicensed. Truck was set to stock as you can see. 708-990-7006
  9. 3brorce

    NIB XRT Pro Race Tuner

    Have one xrt pro race tuner new in box for $1200.00 Text me. 708-990-7006 Thanks
  10. 3brorce

    Exo Grappler

    Anyone running Nitto Exo Grappler AWT yet?
  11. 3brorce

    Stock 6.4 parts

    Stock 6.4 air box/filter. $130 Stock 6.4 egr valve/housing/cac pipe and boots. Maybe 1k miles on it. Also the egr cooler provision. $330 708-990-7006
  12. 3brorce

    Bull Bar

    Bull bar off of my 08-10 6.4. $150.00 708-990-7006
  13. 3brorce

    Wiring fault on trailer

    "Wiring fault on trailer" message. Every time I touch the brakes I am getting a very annoying beep and an error message that says "wiring fault on trailer." I don't have a trailer hooked up so not sure what's going on. Anyone else had this before?
  14. 3brorce

    6.4 grill and side vents

    Grill is structurally great. No gouges or scratches but it is bubbling as you can see in the pictures. $200+shipping Vents are good to go. $30+shipping
  15. 3brorce

    6.4 dual fueler

    Diesel Dr. dual fueler kit for 08-10 6.4 for sale. Kit includes everything that you need to install other than a pump. Kit will come with a secondary alternator, new belt and detailed instructions on how to install. Comes with low pressure fuel lines that will work with the Air Dog Upgrade...
  16. 3brorce


    Looking into some new/diff shocks. I believe I have it narrowed down to bilstein 5100s, fox 2.0s(no reservoir) or rancho9000s. Truck is a supercab leveled f250 mainly a street queen. Looking for best ride quality, durability, cut down on wheel hop etc. What do you guys think?
  17. 3brorce

    6.7 Cummins injectors

    Have a set(6) of factory low mile(62k) 6.7 cummins injectors that need to get sold. Out of a wrecked 09. Start them at $850 shipped to lower 48.
  18. 3brorce


    Anyone going out to Gordyville for the tractor pull? Was out there last night was a good pull.
  19. 3brorce

    4wd jump

    4wd jump/bounce/wheel hop Will a 4 link cure this issue I have in 4wd or do I have a problem? In snow/mud when getting stuck hubs locked, front end really jumps/bounces around bad. I know its wheel hop but dang feels like front end is going to fall out.
  20. 3brorce

    6.4 Up-Pipes and Manifolds

    Used 6.4 up-pipes-$220 Used 6.4 manifolds-$120 Both have right at 90k miles on them. Bellows on up pipes are good.

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