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  1. Chris

    BTS down for the count

    Would love to. How much? And before you take this the wrong way, this is not a knock at all against your buddy. Sounds like an extremely talented and hard working guy whos in the process of making a HECK of a product and reputation for himself. Im sure hell have a LOT of success over the...
  2. Chris

    BTS down for the count

    haha ill grab my firesuit out of the race trailer. Heck i havent posted here in 4 years and its obviously a new crowd. Its not my style to post stuff like that, but some of the things i read really struct a nerve, just knowing Brian personally and knowing how he is, it bugs me to see him get...
  3. Chris

    BTS down for the count

    Brian has had some health issues and has been out the past couple of weeks. Hes working on catching back up. Honestly, he should still be at home, and not at work, but hes a work-aholic and doesnt stop. Ive known Brian since before we even had a shop, and hes been the most stand up, helpful...
  4. Chris

    Advice on 06 f250 6.0

    Yup, that is my old truck. i bought it new in 06 and did most of the mods listed to it. Sold it in 2011 to one of our customers and then he sold it a few months back. All of the engine mods were done to it in 2007, and we installed the BTS for the guy that bought it from me a year or two ago...
  5. Chris

    2014 6.7 Short Bed Build

    Turbos are under way and we will begin fabrication on the kit on one of the shop trucks in the next week. Hope to have the chargers in hand next week. Going to stay with a pretty simple but proven setup with a little room to grow as well. Engineered diesel is building the two chargers. The...
  6. track


  7. plati3


  8. Chris

    2015 Platinum pics and dyno numbers

    Got a new daily a couple months back. Finally got a chance to get it on the dyno and figured a lot of guys would be curious what they do compared to the 11-14 trucks. Ill post somemore pics of the truck once we get the grille painted, debadged, do something with the tailgate, and do some kind...
  9. platidyno


  10. plati2


  11. plati1


  12. Chris


    I just picked a nice round number...
  13. Chris


    Got rooms booked and some money over to Tank. Well be there friday evening. Itll be 13 of us total, 4 of us racing, and everyone partying. Cant wait!
  14. Chris

    6.7 Fuel Rail Pressure Drop with Hot Tunes

    Agreed, about 480ish is what weve seen.
  15. Chris

    665 RWHP Dyno Vid and Chart

    These were done in 5th. We ran a few in 4th as well and the results were within a few hp.
  16. Chris

    665 RWHP Dyno Vid and Chart

    Got another 6.7 together this week. Setup is a MPD single turbo kit, Engineered Diesel Billet 66/74, H&S dual fuler kit, FASS lift pump w/ TSD sump feeding the CP3, Stock fuel delivery feeding the cp4, and TSD customer tuning. Stock motor, stock transmission. Truck started at 618 rwhp on the...
  17. rick_dyno


  18. Chris

    Dyno Video 607hp

    Thanks for the compliments guys! The truck has stock injectors, stock motor, stock trans. just has the dual fuelers, turbo, and low pressure fuel system. I honestly beleive the stock injectors will support quite a bit more hp on fuel only, and definately on nitrous as the H&S guys have...
  19. Chris

    Dyno Video 607hp

    Thanks Zane! man youre not joking. theyre so clean and responsive. its VERY tempting to start pushing the envelope but Ill leave the Breaking Points up to you guys haha.
  20. Chris

    Dyno Video 607hp

    Finally got the blue 6.7 on the dyno last night. Been running the new setup for a few weeks and it is an absoloute blast to drive. Thought some guys might be interested in the numbers and video since more and more options are becoming available for these trucks. I had walked out to the dyno...

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