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  1. jswan

    Adjustable Hitch Recommendation

    I use a gen-y torsion flex hitch. I've had it for 5 years and tow at or near its weight rating regularly with no issues. There not a cheap hitch but worth the price.
  2. jswan

    Coolant in valley, leak.

    I had coolant in the valley on my 15 and it pressure tested fine. I finally found it leaking from the crossover pipe gasket during warm up on a day that was around 0°C. The leak was small and took me several attempts to find before I got lucky with looking during the right conditions for the...
  3. jswan


    Most I've had behind my 15 SRW 350 was 30k didn't include the pick up weight. No scales in the area it towed fine but didn't seem to like getting it rolling when I had to back up a small incline
  4. jswan

    What Do You Tow?

    Novakowski quality collision in Saskatoon Saskatchewan did the cab. Not 100% sure who do the interior as I bought it with the work already done. I had a local shop put on the fiberglass front fenders and widen out the bumper to match fender width.
  5. jswan

    What Do You Tow?

    A little load of steal that went to the Yukon last week.
  6. jswan

    Coolant additive

    Thanks for your reply. That's what I figured but was hoping to keep it simple and use what I already have.
  7. jswan

    Coolant additive

    Hey guys did a quick search and didn't find the answer to my question. I tested my coolant and it needs some additives or replacing Just wondering if I can use a DCA4 additive in the orange ford coolant on a 6.7 power stroke? I'm under the impression that it uses VC12 additive but wondering if...
  8. jswan

    F550 Radius arm options

    Thanks for your input I had forgot about flight fabrication
  9. jswan

    F550 Radius arm options

    Hey guys I've got a lifted F550 with 41" tires. Currently have drop brackets for the radius arms but I'm considering getting a 3 or 4 link set up. I'm wondering what a good choice would be as I'm not sure I want to spend what OUO's set up costs but it was the only one I found advertising it...
  10. jswan

    *PART OUT* 2012 F350 CCLB 4x4 Lariat

    Hey looking for a price on some seatbelts. I need the 2 buckles for the rear seat there the ones for the passenger and middle seat as well as the sun visors and the plastics from along the door sills.
  11. jswan

    SCT GTX programmer vs. Ngauge

    Was considering that as well. Figured it would be considered the beat option
  12. jswan

    SCT GTX programmer vs. Ngauge

    Hey guys I just bought a 2012 came ******d but no monitor/gauges or tuner in the truck. Debating what I should put in was looking at the GTX or ngauge just looking for thoughts on what the better option is.
  13. jswan

    New guy from Alberta, Canada

    Hey welcome to the forum. What part of Alberta?
  14. jswan

    Dimming the touchscreen?

    If you click the settings button on the bottom of the screen, then select display on the left hand side. You get the option for auto, day, night or off. That's the only way I know of to turn the screen off
  15. jswan

    Who Has The Best Tuning Now?

    I'll have to try downshifting a little more aggressively. They are the best tunes I've had on my truck though.
  16. jswan

    Who Has The Best Tuning Now?

    Are you actually seeing 20 psi with the EB? I'm only getting about 7 psi, but I can feel that it is working. My EB only seems to work with tow haul mode is that how it's supposed to be?
  17. jswan

    Tyrant diesel tuning

    Thanks for the input, going to order there stuff. I'm looking forward to the exhaust brake. I have the same complaints as what you just mentioned with the GH tunes. It was try there stuff or by an EZ lynk.
  18. jswan

    Tyrant diesel tuning

    Just wondering if anyone has used there tunes on a 15? If so would you recommend trying them?
  19. jswan

    6.7L Turbo piping kit

    AM Diesel Performance makes a kit also. Canadian shop.

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