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  1. Wayne

    Best aftermarket stock-ish headlights?

    Update after 2.5 years... these "new" headlights still look new. I would definitely recommend.
  2. Wayne

    KC Turbos 6.4 turbo testing

    I can’t remember the exact numbers, but on the newer stuff, the dog can flow decent up to somewhere around 800 Hp. I also know that a clean dpf is less restrictive than the Venturi. PPEI saw several horsepower increase off of just the dpf back exhaust
  3. Wayne

    2023 HO 6.7 500HP 1200FTLB

    Sorry I don’t. I will run it again soon though, and will try for a graph then. I didn’t get a torque reading but hope to next time around
  4. Wayne

    2023 HO 6.7 500HP 1200FTLB

    I ran my totally stock '23 tremor (HO is the only diesel option) on they dyno last month when it had like 300 miles on it, and 80% DPF soot load. It still made 495 RWHP. It has 37's now, and a banks dpf back exhaust. Next dyno event I'm at, I'll be sure to have a clean dpf and see how that...
  5. Wayne

    Built 6r options

    Talk to Proven tuning out of Canada. They have great trans tuning
  6. Wayne

    Icon or Carli

    Looks decent. Did you know those are icon shocks with carli stickers? Not saying they're bad at all, but that's what they are. Icon actually sells some really decent stuff. I think they're a bit underrated.
  7. Wayne

    KC Turbos 6.4 turbo testing

    Now that this system is on the market, I gotta ask about that exhaust on your test truck. I see a stock exhaust tip. Does that mean it's got that pile of crap bottle neck venturi in it still? That could be a game changer on data, as well as a major power bump like when I was doing 6.4 turbo...
  8. Wayne

    Best aftermarket stock-ish headlights?

    Seth, if the lights go to crap soon, I'll order another set, and do the clear coat. Good call.
  9. Wayne

    Best aftermarket stock-ish headlights?

    Thanks guys. I've still got a ton of stuff in the works. I just put in new S&B cab mounts, arp head studs, and 250/80 unlimited injectors. It already had a driven diesel e fuel system, as well as '00 super duty turbo and intercooler system with a hacked down pipe. It was an easy fix with the cab...
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  14. Wayne

    06 2.5” icon springs and shims should be a great resource for getting what you need. The coil leveler they sell is an adjustable under-spring spacer you can dial to your liking with 0-2.5" of additional lift. Their ALA radius arms can be adjusted for more caster, and their aluminum beam arms can be...
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  16. Wayne

    Best aftermarket stock-ish headlights?

    Ok. Headlights are finally done. The ones from LMC ended up being the Chinese DEPO brand CAPA certified ones, which seem pretty good. Certainly better than a lot I've seen on ebay. Here's the P/n if anyone wants to eliminate a middle man. They are the headlight housings and bulbs only. I didn't...
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  20. Wayne

    Best aftermarket stock-ish headlights?

    Looks good Gnathy. Thanks for the warning I ended up ordering a set of just headlights off LMC. I'll report on initial quality when they arrive. I'm keeping the factory turn signals and markers.

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