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    7.3 no start

    it is always interesting to see people immediately jump to blaming the items that they have no idea how they work. it is always the 'PCM or IDM must be bad'. get and android with torquepro and you can see exactly what the pcm is up to.
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    build for towing recipe

    thanks for replies guys. the s364 seems to have a following.
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    10.5 brakes on the 10.25 sterling

    line size is meaningless IMO. it wont restrict the pressure in any significant way.
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    10.5 brakes on the 10.25 sterling

    worked fine. the ebrake pads had to be trimmed to the shape of the e350 pads.
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    Dual remote IPR's

    I bought a dual ipr block from someone making them 'recently' 2018 . it was from this site. not much to them, just need to be able to make ORB threads and seats
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    build for towing recipe

    what was boost and drive pressure reading? wastegated? I am leary of low rpm power after sending the rods through the pan so that build sounds interesting
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    build for towing recipe

    not likely to stay stock injector
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    build for towing recipe

    thanks. no relevant info in that link.
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    build for towing recipe

    what is the 'ultimate' towing setup? not 'budget' but more towards the ideal setup. big oil, any injector, any turbo I bought an 02 f550 and a dump trailer. its a zf6 truck.
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    Optimal tow setup

    the cc mean nothing, unless that 200 is a hybrid. they all have the same nozzle which means they can all be tuned exactly the same until the plunger bottoms. put the largest one in.
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    My 6.0 into OBS project

    any updates?
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    Tips to loosen fan?

    its an 1 7/8" wrench and a bar to hold the pulley. took me 2 secs to loosen. the pic of the OP with his no leverage tiny wrenches is the issue..
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    Airdog on OBS?

    you can make any filter head in to an air separator. extend the center down a ways with a tube, drill a small air release vent in the top that plumbs to the return. bingo air separator. this does F all just like the rest of them on our fuel system but its way cheaper then spending a grand on a...
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    Ported heads.

    6.0 guys have head core that are junk. they are often in a situation where they have to buy new heads. that alone makes for a market. 7.3 guys have solid cores
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    FFD Rail System

    I have a better test. everyone that believes they work go buy them. everyone who thinks its a dud dont buy them.

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