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    Bed Covers

    I love my Bakflip mx4. Looks great, works great. I called up a place, super trucks or something, and I got it for close to $740 shipped.
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    2017 f350 platinum

    The other wrinkle is tire manufacturers. Jeepers always claimed that bf Goodrich ran small and that 37's were true 35's. I think Toyo's are supposed to run true to size?
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    2017 f350 platinum

    I tried to reread the thread a couple times. I don't think I mixed it up. At some point I will get in front of a computer and attempt to compile a list of wheel widths and offsets, and what was reported to fit, with and without trimming. I'll make my purchase decision based on that and then...
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    2017 f350 platinum

    Take a breath here big guy. Re-read post #12 and subsequent replies. He was asking about running aftermarket wheels without a leveling kit in that tire size. A gentleman replied that he had done just that with only minor trimming. You replied impossible without a kit, which you offered to sell...
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    2017 f350 platinum

    I'm just confused I guess. Multiple people have reported running 35x12.5 tires without a lift. Considering the specific wheel the OP is asking about, one member here reported running them fine with minor trimming and posted pics. You seem to say no way you need at least 2". I guess the only...
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    2017 f350 platinum

    I get that for the super wide stretched tire setup, but for a more normal approach like this would there still be significant rub? I'm leaning towards buying 35s with aftermarket 9" wide wheels and maybe slightly more offset and running that stock until I can...
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    2017 f350 platinum

    Is this accurate for 2017's or are you just trying to push merch? One member posted above that his combo did work and multiple others have said 35's fit at factory ride height as well. Serious question as I'm debating which route to take with my truck. Maybe you still get some rub at full...
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    Headlights and Taillights

    I plan on doing this eventually. I believe Raptor Retrofit offers full kits. Mostly plug and play but $$$$.

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