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    ZF S5-47 in, need suggestions on DS’s

    likely better for the length.
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    400/400 Unlimited Injectors

    that is a good price for injectors
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    T4 questions

    at one time people pimped the D66 idea too. I havent tried any KC products.
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    OBS Super duty swap questions.

    the factory buckets work fine with no offset if you were to fab upper mounts the coilovers make a lot of sense, you wouldnt have to remove buckets from the donnor or figure how to mount them to the obs
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    A1000 OBS Fuel System

    the pic is too small to see
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    Eaton fuller transmission questions

    a super 10 will be much larger then a 6613
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    champion radiator

    both the mishi and that look like typical chinese alum rads.
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    Turbo sizing for compounds

    colt told me he supplies swamps it would be nice if the big guys would let us know who they are using as it helps the entire 7.3 crowd
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    AC System replacement

    unplug the compressor clutch. nothing will spin
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    Late 7.3 Stealth twin high pressure oil pump

    do you have more pics? maybe closer showing more details?
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    Swamps 400 400's

    wow 4 years and no takers
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    Built 7.3L Engine

    forged pistons? so not streetable?
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    Obs 7.3 efuel DIY wiring diagram

    the only part of the Driven kit you need is the timer. I trust the oil pressure switch more then an inertia switch. the relays and fuses can be inserted in to the factory underhood fuse/relay box for a factory look.
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    2013+ steering gearbox in older trucks

    I know why everyone says to use 6.0 headbolts. pricing at Fastenal for 14x2.0-150mm bolts is about $20each
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    BorgWarner 4407 Front Driveshaft Leak I think its this one.
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    BorgWarner 4407 Front Driveshaft Leak

    looks like you take the yoke off, pull the seal, replace the seal and reassemble. if that is the only seal you need dont buy a whole kit
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    What have you done to your powerstroke today?

    rebuilt a 2008 rear with a Grizzly locker. third Grizzly I have installed in ford trucks
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    Still Open?

    yet the site still has the dyno proven banner ads running
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    97 7.3 Noisy inside csb he tested the stuff without aluminum backing against the high dollar stuff with aluminum backing. we can get the aluminum stuff here in canada for $15 an 18"x 20' roll
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    No ICP pressure

    wow that will suck if the issue is elsewhere like an injector oring gone...

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