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    looking for clarification on a turbo oil leak

    I had a stage 2 VGT turbo put in my truck and after the test drive the shop said that the turbo was leaking from a check ball on the turbo? Now me being a heavy equipment tech myself, I am finding this to be hard to believe. Although I have never really taken a very close look at the 6.0L turbo...
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    2006 6.0L injector miss codes

    Truck is an 06. I filled uo with fuel the other day and when leaving the station I got a P0300 code. About 2 days later I also got P0306. I have RCD 155/30 injectors and have had them since 175k miles. Same tune as well. These are the things I have checked. FICM is all good 48v, 13v. The fuel...
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    E99 up pipes

    Ok some im working on a friends E99 7.3. Amongst other fun things I am putting new up pipes in. and that's why I am here. I saw that riffraff sells a nice set of bellowed ones but they are on back order. does anybody know another place that sells some like them?
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    SCT problem

    So Im wanting to put a new tune on my truck but after not loading any tunes on the truck for 2 years and the computer I had the SCT installed on dying and me loosing the cable to connect to the computer along with the cd is their any way I can still load tunes on the SCT?
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    xtreem x tune

    Quick question. Anybody dd with the xtreme x tune from inovative? Im thinking of getting it but it says converter is locked in second gear and up. Would be a tune i can dd on or no? And also is the FICM tuner worth it? I like the fact that i can keep the tuner and switch them when/if i want.
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    aftermarket wheels

    So Im looking at getting a set of new wheels but all the ones i like have center caps that are bolted to the wheels and cover up the lock out hubs. My lock out are only manual so how does everyone get around this besides removing the center cap every time you need to lock in the hubs?
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    injector pricing and info

    I have a set of injectors that have stictition. They are currently 155/30 injectors and I would also like to have them setup to 175/75 along with being rebuilt and new spool valves. What would this cost?
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    Short bed dually idea

    Ok so first off i might be slightly crazy and take all of this as just a thought of i wonder if this would work. So i was bored at work tonight and was reading old project forum threads. Well I came across Dennis's (strictly Diesel) old thread about building the perfect dually. In the pic i...
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    difference in 04 to 06 front bumper

    Ok so im looking at the mile marker frint grill guard and winch mount setup. it says it will only work with 99-04 superduty trucks? what is the difference in mounting at the tow hooks and frame ends? also any reasons yall can think of as to why it wouldnt fit?
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    up pipe bolts

    So i was looking at the up pipes on the truck and fount that i dont have a cracked one but on the pass side the two bolts at the flange are loose. like loose enough to spin by hand in the holes. i have no idea how long its been like this and it doest seem to be leaking because their isnt any...
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    ladder/traction bar idea

    I have build traction bars for a lot of offroad vehicles in the last few years and on those we always do the two point mount on the axle tube as close to the diff housing as possible and then use a very short shackle at the "frame" end. and its usually welded to the t case skid plate. im...
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    bumper pull w/pintle hitch

    Looking at a 20ft equipment trailer to haul my rock crawler and all the ones i have found are pintle hitch. how bad are these trailer hitches when towing? never used one.
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    hide a way stobes info

    Ok so i just ordered a hide a way strobe kit and im wondering if anybody has ever put a set of the strobes in the fog light housings?
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    hid a way store kit

    Anybody ever use the kits from speed tech lighting Also anybody ever put strobes in the fog light housing on an 05-07?
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    So hard to choose what turbo setup I want

    So I'm getting a bigger turbo. Truck does very minimal towing. And less then 10k lbs. Anyways I'm either going with a barder stage 2 or CED up pipes and a s362 fmw with .83 divided t4 housing. What would be more fun for a street truck? Both are right about $1700 shipped to the house. Mods in sig.
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    very pissed off

    So the 6.0 has been a strong truck with a few problems. First problem is radiator. It leaks and has been fixed a few times. Solution is her an alradco one. 2nd problem is fuel pressure. I have a AD100, sump and brand new stock pump and it still drops to 50 psi at WOT. I am running 155/30...
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    opinions on CED up pipes

    Anybody running the up pipes that CED sells on their site for divided t4 on a 6.0?
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    traction bar or cal tracs

    ok so my truck ahs a lot of lift. I am wondering if anybody has ever run cal tracs for a truck lifted 10" or more and what your thoughts for it is? if I don't get those im going to get the longest (72") bars from Rough Stuff and just do simple traction bars. these are the ruff stuff ones...
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    thank you Britain.

    Hope I spelled your name right. Anyways on with the story. I was on deployment and really needed some new stuff for my truck. Well couldn't get on PSA so I emailed sunrise ford. Got ahold of Brittain and man did he hook me up. Anyways thanks brother.

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