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  1. Justin@DP-Tuner

    Edge Revolver Custom Tuning

    If you have an Edge Revolver chip and are wanting better tunes, we have you covered. :ford: We are now offering a reburn service for these chips, just like we do for the TS Performance chips. Whether you are just wanting a better performing tune or needing custom tunes for bigger mods, this...
  2. Justin@DP-Tuner

    Pillar Gauges

    Yes, these are my choice when it comes to analog gauges as well. Very high quality and they look great.
  3. Justin@DP-Tuner

    Autometer Rebate. Save up to $250!

    If you are in the market for a set of analog gauges, now is the time to buy! Autometer is offering a great rebate on gauge combo packages or when you combine at least one gauge and a mounting solution. Purchase $100USD, get $15 back Purchase $250USD, get $40 back Purchase $500USD, get $75 back...
  4. Justin@DP-Tuner

    364.5 Arrived

    230/100's would not be my first choice for towing. If you are going to stay with those, I would at minimum do the s366sxe. You would also be good with the s369sxe for that injector. Run the 1.0 housing on whichever one you choose.
  5. Justin@DP-Tuner

    364.5 Arrived

    LOL You won't hear that from us. The BW substantially outperforms the 38R. We have seen it numerous times on different customer rigs. Many have gone from a 38R to one of the BW turbos (364.5 or 366) and noticed a big improvement in multiple areas (boost, EGT's, spool, noise, etc). And I am not...
  6. Justin@DP-Tuner

    CCV catch can location

    Yes, I have seen that. He has an OBS, where there is room under the hood for it. The SD trucks don't have that luxury unfortunately.
  7. Justin@DP-Tuner

    364.5 Arrived

    Yes, always been that way. The smallest housing that Bell can do for a T4i turbo is a 1.15 (according to Pius). Same turbo, dimensionally. Pius builds the BASB for Irate and the FSSB for us. We haven't seen any problems at all with the SXE line. Regardless of size (364.5, 366, and 369). They...
  8. Justin@DP-Tuner

    364.5 Arrived

    The Bell BASB and FSSB (version we carry) have a .91 exhaust housing. Only the Bell HFSB (T4i) has a 1.15 housing. Just want to clear that up.
  9. Justin@DP-Tuner

    Swamps IDM really matter now with other upgrades?

    In my experience, modded IDM's do not make much of a difference, regardless of what injectors you are running.
  10. Justin@DP-Tuner

    CCV catch can location

    I put the Mann Hummel catch can down on the frame rail. I couldn't find a good spot to put it under the hood on my SD. I have seen it mounted under the hood on OBS's trucks with more room though.
  11. Justin@DP-Tuner

    2011-2016 6.7L Exhaust Brake tune NOW AVAILABLE!

    We are happy to announce the addition of another 6.7L tune option to our lineup. You can now get an Exhaust Brake function integrated into our 35HP Heavy Tow and 50HP Daily/Light Tow tunes :ford:. This is available for all 2011-2016 6.7L trucks. In the 35HP Heavy Tow tune it will be active when...
  12. Justin@DP-Tuner

    TS 6

    The DAC3 PCM is a DPC-421 from a Late 1999-2000. The AWA PCM is a DPC-401 from an Early 1999. So it won't work correctly for you without a reburn. If you are interested, we can reburn it for you...
  13. Justin@DP-Tuner

    Wastegate GTP38R/PowerMax

    Every GTP38R comes with the wastegate set extremely loose. We get calls about this all the time. Mostly people wondering why they can't build boost and higher EGT's. Not sure why Garrett is setting them so loose. IIRC when I got mine 4 years ago, it started opening at about 15psi.
  14. Justin@DP-Tuner

    366 sxe vs Garrett Variants

    I have just seen too many turbo's designed for the stock mount configuration be a big let down. Namely the D66 and all it's variants. The GTP38R is about the only turbo that has proven itself as being a viable upgrade on the stock platform. Maybe that will change, I guess we will see. Still...
  15. Justin@DP-Tuner

    366 sxe vs Garrett Variants

    I run a GTP38R on my truck. Mainly because I live in CA and have to pass smog. If I had more freedom and had to do it again, I would go T4 with a S364.5SXE in a heartbeat. Performs noticeably better than the 38R. Better spool, flows more, quieter, etc...
  16. Justin@DP-Tuner

    Best tuner for 2014 6.7

    If you plan on leaving the emission components intact, we can help you out. You can still see very nice power gains without dropping the weight. What are you doing with the truck?
  17. Justin@DP-Tuner

    looking t4 kit for sale?

    Not sure if you are trying to locate a used kit, but if you are wanting new, check this one out...
  18. Justin@DP-Tuner

    Service Engine Light

    You need to read codes to see what the issue is. It could be overboost (P1249 or P0238) or it could be ICP not keeping up (P1211). Both of those issues can cause the same symptoms.
  19. Justin@DP-Tuner

    Are new valve body's worth doing?

    Yep. No need to touch it if you are happy with the shifting.
  20. Justin@DP-Tuner

    Are new valve body's worth doing?

    You can either add line pressure mechanically by modifying the valve body or electronically through tuning. Either way, line pressure is increasing. If you do both, the shifting is normally too firm. If you do decide to modify the VB, be sure to get custom tunes written for it. We can help you...

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