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  1. RascalMafia

    Track Bars

    Noticed the track bar bracket (frame side) was cracked the other day. 8" Skyjacker lift with their drop bracket I believe. Appears to have the factory track bar installed now, so I'm going to replace it at the same time as the bracket. What's the go-to these days for track bars? The PMF...
  2. RascalMafia

    99+ Clear Tailights

    Has anyone seen these for the 99-03 body style? I've scoured the internet and haven't even seen a single truck that had them, let alone any for sale. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  3. RascalMafia

    Finally decided to join in...

    Hey guys, Some of you know me already, if you don't....Then I'm "THE Roy Slaughter"...Used to have a 700RWHP CR Cummins back in the day...Here for teh lulz.

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