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    Let's spitball... 7.3 with shorter stroke?

    117hp back in 2013 we did 280 something dyno runs, changing from stock heads/manifolds to CNC heads and headers, and tested about 6(8?) different cam profiles (with each inj/head iteration) we worked on with our cam manufacturer.
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    7.3 crank no start is kicking my butt

    if you have no rpm on the SCANTOOL (tach is irrelevant)...then it's CPS related (sensor, wiring, cam too far from sensor, etc) ..also note the 'only 500psi' for ICP is still borderline... the PCM should ramp up ICP pressure continuously during a crank no start to 1200+ so you may have more...
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    Big Hpop choices

    Nah, you’ll need it with 32’s
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    Weird PCM Issue

    the rearmost part of the PCM needs to get cocked toward the centerline of the vehicle.
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    Big Hpop choices

    meh. I don't have any use for a 80% or 100% nozzle tbh...but people will buy what they want stock nozzle up to 375rwhp 30% up to 450rwhp 200% up to 700rwhp, but can still be tuned as clean as a stock nozzle. 400%'s aren't clean enough to use on the street. We make 500-550rwhp on a stock HPOP...
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    Big Hpop choices

    not always fuel volume per time HPOil volume per time consider and compare each metering orifice
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    Let's spitball... 7.3 with shorter stroke?

    very close. within 5CFM
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    Let's spitball... 7.3 with shorter stroke?

    on our cylinder head flow bench, a 6.4L head flows about 60% more CFM than a 7.3L head...stock to stock HEUI is definitely an issue wrt to performance...but unless you want to run a solid/no coolant (7.3L) head, going to common rail isn't a gain. if you want to run coolant in your 7.3L heads...
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    Swamp's 7.3 Cam and Head Porting info: Great Read!

    yeah, if we charge x for CNC porting....then it would not include surfacing/new valves/seats or any other machining services. stock diam valves are within .020" of cylinder wall, so you'd have to notch the block for a larger valve..but then you're just tucking the larger valve into a severely...
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    Swamp's 7.3 Cam and Head Porting info: Great Read!

    we often do CNC porting (keeping stock cam) for guys at high altitude that aren't necessarily looking for 700hp, and it absolutely improves the cleanliness of normal-ish driving. but 90% of the time, excessive smoke is from tuning or mismatched parts for the application. < ie, 37" tires 3.xx...
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    Swamp's 7.3 Cam and Head Porting info: Great Read!

    in short... stock cam/heads are routinely good to 650rwhp stock cam w/ our CNC head work is good to low 700rwhp anything over that will need CNC and a cam. don't plan on running coolant in your heads if you're looking for more than 1000hp
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    Swamps IDM really matter now with other upgrades?

    sounds like this could be easily fixed with some tweaks to the ICP table. shoot an email to [email protected] and we'll shoot out another chip/programs.
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    Misfire during idle

    the pop and white smoke is almost certainly going to be a nozzle issue...hanging open dribbling fuel into the cylinder.
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    Help with transmission issues

    range selector feels like it's clicking into each detent? fluid level OK? any recent service that may be relevant?
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    CNC Head Porting

    we do larger valves and CNC head porting. If you'd like a quote, please email [email protected]
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    2001 7.3 running issues

    “How do I know if/when I need fuel injectors for my 7.3L Power Stroke?” sounds pretty similar
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    First post. 99 F350 fuel issue

    no worries, just busting yer balls yeah...OBS trucks were no problemo...Ford abso-effing-lutely fukked the rear C&C fuel tanks on the 99+ trucks...
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    First post. 99 F350 fuel issue

    welcome to the 1999+ 7.3L section ;)
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    First post. 99 F350 fuel issue

    plastic tank is regular pickup (not C&C)... you just got a lot of chit in the tank! clean that crap out...disconnect evvvvery fuel line connection and use compressed air to blow them out...including the ones at the fuel filter housing (particularly ones from FF housing to cyl heads). once...

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