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    Np 271 34 spline

    I was in need of a manual shift transfer case with a 34 spline input shaft (for a 6.0 powerstroke with a six speed) I do not have a core to exchange but I do have an electric shift transfer case out of 6.0 automatic that I could exchange if this would have any value
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    Gauge cluster repair

    Are the gauges only available at ford?
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    Gauge cluster repair

    Main problem is all the numbers and lettering are flaking off, speedometer acts up every once in a while could be the sensor tho, I was doing a cummins conversion and basically redoing the entire truck and thought it would be a good time to have somebody check it all out since the truck will be...
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    Gauge cluster repair

    Just wondering if anybody on here has sent their gauge cluster any where to get it repaired or if anybody had any recommendations on where to send one, thanks
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    Greasable throw out bearing six speed

    Doing a six speed conversion into an older truck and I was wanting to know if anybody has or knows where to get a greasable throw out bearing for a zf six speed out of a 6.0 diesel any info would be appreciated

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