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  1. PABowhunter

    Tuning for high elevation?

    ^What he said My buddy just got back from a 6,000 mile trip out west from PA and noticed quite a difference at high elevations. Out here in PA we have plenty of air for power. He was running 238/80's and an SXE 366. Have you talked with Brian or Dusty yet? I'd say whichever tuner is the most...
  2. PABowhunter

    2003 Excursion Limited 6.0

    2003 Ford Excursion 6.0 Diesel, Automatic, 4x4, Fresh head studs and head gaskets, new high pressure oil pump, new tires, driveshaft, ball joints.... lots of new parts. Our shop did all the work on this. Great Excursion for someone with all the work done to it already. Runs and drives great...
  3. PABowhunter

    Cant get manual locking hub to fit back onto axle

    If it is indeed a needle bearing issue you might be able to get away with just an axle and new bearing. I was able to get what was left of my bearing out and then cleaning up the hub assembly with emery paper before putting in the new one. It wasn't perfect, but definitely safe. The hub...
  4. PABowhunter

    Cant get manual locking hub to fit back onto axle

    Did the spindle spin freely when the hub was out? I had a half shaft weld itself to the spindle one time when the "non-servicable" bearing disintegrated. I remember having a difficult time getting the hub in and out like you described until I noticed what the root cause was.
  5. PABowhunter

    S400 1.10 Turbine

    Came off a 468 FMW. T4. $100 tyd
  6. PABowhunter

    Carli Rear Bump Stop Drops

    Brand new in box. $50 tyd.
  7. PABowhunter

    20"x10" SOTA AWOL with 35"x12.5" Falken Wildpeak AT3/W

    Bump. Need to move these. Wheels: $1,500 Tires: $1,300 Package Deal: $2,700 These are brand new.
  8. PABowhunter

    20"x10" SOTA AWOL with 35"x12.5" Falken Wildpeak AT3/W

    Bump. $2,900 for package. Wheels only for $1,600.
  9. PABowhunter

    Quality Aftermarket Wheel

    Went ahead and ordered some Methods. They seem to be good quality with simple design.
  10. PABowhunter

    20"x10" SOTA AWOL with 35"x12.5" Falken Wildpeak AT3/W

    Brand new 20"x10" -25mm backspacing SOTA AWOL Death Metal Black with 35" x 12.5" Falken Wildpeak AT3/W. Mounted and balanced and tested for fit. Going to go a different direction with my truck. Would like to sell a package, but will separate for right price. Setup is located in North Central...
  11. PABowhunter

    Quality Aftermarket Wheel

    Yea, I started out looking at Fuel and Hostile, but have since turned to Black Rhino and Method (mainly because that's what the guys from Carli recommended). Just being picky about what will go best with a black truck with chrome accents (bumpers, mirror caps, and harley grille).
  12. PABowhunter

    Quality Aftermarket Wheel

    I've had polished wheels for the past 8 years or so. Probably going to go with something that is less maintenance this time around. Just trying to decide what will look good with a black truck.
  13. PABowhunter

    Quality Aftermarket Wheel

    I know it's been pretty quiet around here, but I figured I would ask. Just finishing up an 08 axle swap on my 2001 and looking for a new wheel/tire setup. Who makes a quality cast wheel? I'm not really looking to go forged because of the high price tag and crazy offsets. Are Fuel, Hostile...
  14. PABowhunter

    Fte resonator

    Thinking about quieting my truck down a bit, must be getting old. Do guys typically run these on their own or in conjunction with a muffler? I currently have 5" all the way back from the downpipe.
  15. PABowhunter

    205/30 T4 s369 vs s364.5

    Awesome test you guys did here. Good info for sure. Where would you expect a 366 power curve to land? Any plans to throw a 366 on as well? Looking forward to your test with 238/80's.
  16. PABowhunter

    05+ Axle Swap Upgrades

    I'm planning to finally bite the bullet and swap out the old leaf spring set up on my 01 for an 05+ set up. I'm looking forward to the benefits of better turning radius, smoother ride, and bigger brakes. That being said, stock for stock, I know there will be a big improvement, but should I...
  17. PABowhunter

    Time for a fuel bowl ******?

    Strictly diesel has a clean rr system that a lot of guys use. 444 Fab is another one. I personally have an Irate fuel system and have no complaints.
  18. PABowhunter

    7.3 Performance Injectors 300/200%

    Sorry, just sold them this past weekend.

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