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    Show & Go/Going to Try this Out combo Build

    I am glad you are still liking my old truck and still running good for you and it still looks amazing!
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    Panoramic Sunroof dimensions for tinting purposes

    My 2020 sunroof has been tinted since day 1 with 25 miles on it. I now have 97,500 on the truck with zero issues or complaints and love that it is tinted.
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    2005 F-250 KR CCSB FX4

    Must not want to sell too bad since I text you and no reply.
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    Crew cab, rear door hinges?

    Did you try Paul at Complete Performance? 409-383-6004 is there phone number.
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    Well **** me…

    If you need a Thumper 2 HPOP i have a brand new one sitting at my shop. Don't need a core exchange either. You can text me at 612-812-6861 if you need it. Thanks Dan
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    OUO Rear traction bars

    I will do 1,000.00 plus shipping to get these gone and out of my way. Easiest is to text me. Thanks
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    I/C boots

    If memory is correct i think Bob at Dieselsite has boots and will custom make them to length also. You might want to try him also.
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    OUO Rear traction bars

    I have a set of brand new still in the boxes of One Up Offroad rear traction bars. Part number 800060. Will fit 2017-2022. Might fit older years also but i dont know. 1,200.00 plus shipping. You can either text me at 612-812-6861 or call me at 888-824-2012 ask for Dan or email me at...
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    Good 6.0 engine wanted

    I have one. PM sent.
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    97 F-Superduty 4wd Build (Pic Heavy)

    Looks good Ryan. We will get the trans all fixed up for you. Might want to think about the short throw shifter also if you don't have one yet. Yes we are crazy busy and behind and sorry for that. Thanks for the business. Dan
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    2011 F250 Regular Cab 4x4 Diesel

    Ron i can still do what i offered. You have my cell if you want to do it. I will be gone tomorrow till the 6th and then again the 13th to the 24th. So anytime after the 24th i could do the deal.
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    2011 F250 Regular Cab 4x4 Diesel

    Sent you a PM.
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    Misfire like event under light load cold

    :whs: Or lifter going bad or i could say camshaft wore down from lifter.
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    6.0L Performance Parts

    BD manifolds are sold. Still have the following. Odawg Stage 3 intake KC Stage 3 turbo RCD 225cc 100% nozzles no cores required Billet flex plate BD up pipes ceramic coated Thumper 2 HPOP Warren Diesel high flow stand pipes All of these items are brand new. Would like to get these sold. Text me...
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    6.0L Performance Parts

    PM sent
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    ISO 6.0 engine

    I have a rebuilt engine. Pm sent
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    6.0L Performance Parts

    Transmission degas bottle and LPOP gears sold. Still have turbo, intake, BD up pipes, BD manifolds, injectors, Thumper HPOP, high flow stand tubes. Let me know.
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    Titan Tank Overstock Special

    Yes i do. Just call my shop and ask for me. 888-824-2012 thanks
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    6.0L Performance Parts

    To the top. Would like to get rid of the rest of the stuff I have and still have quite a lot if it.Shoot me a text. Thanks Dan

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