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  1. powerstrokedkid87

    MPD 366 Budget kit

    have a brand new 366 budget kit customer ordered and backed out its for a 15-19 also have a raw piping kit 17-19 message me or text the shop for info 917-974-6349 just trying to move it off the shelf
  2. powerstrokedkid87

    Found Dustin's Old Truck

    we scrapped the block and got another one.
  3. powerstrokedkid87

    ISO 6.4 intake manifold

    if you looking for aftermarket let me know...we have some Odawg ones on the shelf
  4. powerstrokedkid87

    On going miss at highway speeds.

    is it a miss under acceleration?, or more of a chugging? i see you swapped to the 03 turbo, just curious if you have a vgt solenoid going out. not sure if you have monitored duty cycle, or icp, ipr etc.
  5. powerstrokedkid87

    Who Has a 6.0 ported manifold they want to sell?

    shoot me a message, we can get you set up with an Odawg manifold
  6. powerstrokedkid87

    6.4 rockers wore severely.

    not sure i would waste the money on upgraded rockers.....i would get a new OEM set, install them and be on your way. its not a great design but it does work. seem to have about 100k miles life span from what i have seen. just like every wearable part at some point its going to have to be...
  7. powerstrokedkid87

    6.4 single kit

    should be pretty straight forward....2 bolts hold the upright to the base plate, 6 bolts hold the base plate to the blow, 6 nuts&bults for the up pipes..hardware should be all sized differently.
  8. powerstrokedkid87

    Big Time Kustomz Dyno for Charity Event

    Thanks mike appreciate the support for this one!!
  9. powerstrokedkid87

    PTM Keypad

    we painted right ontop of the texture on the red truck, few coats of primer and some sanding, been that way for better part of 6 years no issues
  10. powerstrokedkid87

    Free oem parts takeoffs from 2017 F350 LB SRW local pickup only 08054

    looking forward to seeing this truck very soon!
  11. powerstrokedkid87

    WTB: 2005-2010 6.0/6.4 RCLB XLT SRW 4x4

    sent you a message
  12. powerstrokedkid87

    s476/96 turbo for sale

    Selling the 76/96 charger off the race truck. 1.0 housing, used one season. turbo is still tight and in great shape. asking 1950 to your door. message me for details. we made 1497HP on the turbo and ran consistant 10.50s or better.
  13. powerstrokedkid87

    Found Dustin's Old Truck

    were trying! some good things in the works for the off season...for both the shop and the truck....
  14. powerstrokedkid87

    Found Dustin's Old Truck

    well little update yet again. after 3-4 passes with this truck consistently under 10.5 (couple 10.4 passes, 10.3 passes on a poor prepped track) we popped the head gasket in it. decided to run to Cecil for the Pro street KING of Street race for kicks, and during a test pass the motor said no...
  15. powerstrokedkid87

    Big Time kustomz Now Stocking Fuel Forged Wheels

    More wheels in stock today!...PM us NO [email protected]
  16. powerstrokedkid87

    Found Dustin's Old Truck

    we ran 10.5 at 135MPH 10.2 @ 123 blew the boot at the back half as far as weight havent hit the scale, but im figuring right about the 7k mark
  17. powerstrokedkid87

    Big Time kustomz Now Stocking Fuel Forged Wheels

    we are not stocking fuel forged wheels. we have received our first two sets today. Sets ready to ship today: Dually: FF45 20" polished ff19 20" Black/milled single wheel: 20x12 ff09 8x170 22x12 ff45 8x170
  18. powerstrokedkid87

    Found Dustin's Old Truck

    another little update, videos are on facebook, but got to the track yesterday finally after a month of sitting. with the spool jet we got the truck down the track [email protected] truck is getting closer thats for sure!

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