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  1. sootie

    Backup camera again

    I have found the issue usually to be cracked wires in the harness, not the camera itself. Sub 100.00 fix...
  2. sootie

    7.3 Short Box Dually?

    they were offered in 7.3, 6,0 & 6.4
  3. sootie

    2022 F350 CCLB Platinum

    My reg cab
  4. sootie

    2022 F350 CCLB Platinum

    Smells a lot like bot/ai posting...
  5. sootie

    2022 F350 CCLB Platinum

    Wow. been a few years since that engine left my place,,,wonder if its still sitting on the chunks of freightliner frame I used to make the skid lol
  6. sootie

    HP MPVI3 Tuner?

    Lol seems like you have it all figured out...
  7. sootie

    HP MPVI3 Tuner?

    Lol. I don't follow you around. And yes, deletes are illegal in Canada. Call Armour Inc in red deer or Jordan at Dirty Diesels in Sylvan Lake and find out why Flo Pro doesn't advertise their products the way they used to.... The MOE is just as bad north of the border as the EPA is south
  8. sootie

    HP MPVI3 Tuner?

    go away EPA plant....
  9. sootie

    New to me 03 f250 6.0

    return the truck to a stock flash and then diagnose. Don't mess with tuning until the mechanical checks out.
  10. sootie


    replacement engine options for 2018 F150 5.0. (e.g. long block, short block, reman etc)
  11. sootie

    Anyone have experience with Choates?

    A class action cuts down on what you will receive, and makes the attorney rich. Better to have amazing evidence and win your own case.
  12. sootie

    2020+ CP4.2 Retrofit

  13. sootie


    I'm not disrespecting you, I'm warning others not to take your advice hook line and sinker because frankly what you are saying is not typically how it shakes out.
  14. sootie


    Ya ok..... some of us have built and blown up more six fours than we care to count. And also logged hundreds and hundreds of thousands of miles on them
  15. sootie

    2015 6.7 code P1552

    no need for a 10k scanner. Just download Forscan and program the trim codes yourself
  16. sootie


    lol @ 300k six four.....and that HD pistons and head studs are all you need haha dont drink the kool aid, folks... Its like 2011 all over again
  17. sootie

    2008 mini max TPMS delete module

    ya i do. But it would be way simpler to download forscan and make the change yourself
  18. sootie

    2023 HO 6.7 500HP 1200FTLB

    i believe they are switching from cast steel (the way they've always been) to stainless construction
  19. sootie

    2023 HO 6.7 500HP 1200FTLB

    Hope you like the torque management....
  20. sootie


    slow in reverse due to incredibly low gear, cold emission protection so wont engage correctly (feels like a 5k stall converter) until a minimum trans temp has been reached, some shifts are inherently awkward simply because there is so much logic involved, extremely advanced torque management...

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