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  1. 06f250powerstroke

    Truck pulls/show- Ontario

    Lakefield fair will be good it's a bush pull
  2. 06f250powerstroke

    WDI 350/100 conventional

    What was track time with these
  3. 06f250powerstroke

    dead pedal

    Very odd eric seems to be stumped as well I have many miles on Jesses tune and a few dyno pulls works very nice only thing I have found is erics tunes fuel much harder up top Was going to try a pcm swap but now hearing your story it leads me to believe that it is in the tune
  4. 06f250powerstroke

    dead pedal

    I did pull mine off and clean it but I didn't leave it unplugged while running. Did yours go dead pedal right away or did it take a few mins
  5. 06f250powerstroke

    dead pedal

    i have a dead pedal after about 2 mins of run time after I load up a tune from ********** diesel if I put a tune in from jesse warren it runs fine heres where it gets odd, the tunes I have from eric used to work just fine now they don't I changed icp sensor and swapped pedal with a known...
  6. 06f250powerstroke

    15-16 SCT X4 w/ Custom Tunes

    PM me your best price
  7. 06f250powerstroke

    ZMBYKLR Mid Season To-Do List

    What are you running for chargers
  8. 06f250powerstroke

    borg EFR 9180

    I will throw in a no limit polished intake for asking price
  9. 06f250powerstroke

    borg EFR 9180

    Anyone make an offer
  10. 06f250powerstroke

    Finally broke down and took truck in...

    What turbos are you running also are those 8mm hybrids?
  11. 06f250powerstroke

    Part Out - Built 6.4 Truck

    Did I see awhile back you had 4.10 gears for dana 60 and 10.5?
  12. 06f250powerstroke

    borg EFR 9180

    Anyone really want this gone
  13. 06f250powerstroke

    borg EFR 9180

  14. 06f250powerstroke

    borg EFR 9180

  15. 06f250powerstroke

    borg EFR 9180

    any takers???
  16. 06f250powerstroke

    WDI 500/400 6.0 injectors

    Could you put 150 or 200 nozzles on or would that be pointless. Just curious if they would be some what streetable at that point with a set of compounds
  17. 06f250powerstroke

    WDI 500/400 6.0 injectors

    I'm guessing dual pumps are required
  18. 06f250powerstroke

    Bullet proof oil cooler relocate kit

    Are the Alliant ones the same as oem ?
  19. 06f250powerstroke

    borg EFR 9180

    Offers need some coin for my compound set up
  20. 06f250powerstroke

    6.0 head porting

    Dynamic diesel will do a cnc port job that they claim is flowing very well

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