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  1. lincolnlocker

    Tuning the 7.3 in current times

    Welcome back man!
  2. lincolnlocker

    Jomax’s 2000 Excursion

  3. lincolnlocker

    Looking for tuning for my 2011 f250

    If it aint broke.. dont fix it... epa killed everyone off..
  4. lincolnlocker

    Jomax’s 2000 Excursion

    Regulated return fuel system from strictly diesel
  5. lincolnlocker

    So how are you all liking the new forum software?

    I had that problem with tapatalk so i got rid of it. I just go online..
  6. lincolnlocker

    Stumped again

    Im waiting for him to make time for it.. we didnt realize it but we are only 1hr from each other this entire time... lmao!
  7. lincolnlocker

    All those from Montana... Post up!!!

    He isnt on much.. dude is super busy
  8. lincolnlocker

    6.7 Compressor Wheel upgrade

    Did you get the kc wheel?
  9. lincolnlocker

    Jomax’s 2000 Excursion

    That is looking good! What are the plans for more motor mods?
  10. lincolnlocker

    All those from Montana... Post up!!!

    Doesn't appear to be any other members from that state. Lol
  11. lincolnlocker

    6.7 extremely long crank

    Makes sense. Still good info!
  12. lincolnlocker

    DIY fuel system

    Truth.. lol.. but thats a great list!
  13. lincolnlocker

    6.4 Down crank no start.

    Figured out the one i was messing with. It was the starter. Rpm crapped out after a couple revolutions..
  14. lincolnlocker

    6.4 Down crank no start.

    I tried to stay far away from 6.0s and 6.4s but nobody around here for 40 miles has proper scan tools so i have had my computer on a few. Just dont know how to diagnose a hot no start on these.
  15. lincolnlocker

    6.4 Down crank no start.

    Shrader on the cooler the best place to test lpf?
  16. lincolnlocker

    6.4 Down crank no start.

    Having thos same issue with a local guy with his 2010 tow truck. Hmmm..
  17. lincolnlocker

    Galaxy Tab A 10.1"

    Lmao! Wtf...
  18. lincolnlocker

    Galaxy Tab A 10.1"

    No problem bud. Yeah. Right now still just the one. Been busy as hell trying to get a mortgage on my grandparents house. Its a PITA!!
  19. lincolnlocker

    Stumped again

    Need my scanner? Ill be at jims shop tomorrow around noon if you want to come get it. Or could meet somewhere halfway. Between my house and yours?
  20. lincolnlocker

    6.7 Excursion

    Love the excursion!! Tires road force balanced?

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