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    PSA Official FAQ

    Y'all are telling my CompD is still open for business? I just get a "Network Error (tcp_error)" every time I try and visit...Thought that they had gotten tired of paying for server space and scrubbed it.
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    PSA Official FAQ

    I was hanging around back in 2011-2012 (though under a different username that I've since forgotten the password for). Not an OG by any means. Was a kid back then struggling to pay my way through college, but it was fun to follow along with some of the epic builds and technical discussions...
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    tuner help

    Any of the MM V2 are Bully Dog GT units with hacked firmware and SW. Circa 2015 this was a low(er) risk proposition as H&S bought/licensed the HW and source code from Bully Dog for the original Mini Maxx. Never did it myself, but there were people brute forcing the H&S SW and tunes to the...
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    Tuning the 7.3 in current times

    TW tunes were my favorite before starting to write my own. He was not an easy person to get ahold of for revisions at times (understandable given the circumstances) but always came through. He wouldn't remember who I am but he is definitely one of the most standup individuals I've come across...
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    SXE education request

    How long has the setup been together? What compound is the clutch? SB DD clutches are extremely grabby, especially for the first few thousand miles. If it is a hybrid ceramic/organic or fully ceramic you will have even more. I find mine to be tolerable after a combination of break-in and...
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    1995 F350 CC Dually 4X4 PSD

    Did this end up selling?
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    CAT oil filter upgrade

    FWIW - I use CAT / Donaldson filters as much as makes sense. That being said, Motorcraft filters are extremely high quality. Part of the failure analysis training we run for our dealer network involves destructive analysis of CAT and competitive filters. OEM Motorcraft is across the board as...
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    Correct Coolant

    Both CAT ELC and ELI (same additive pack - glycol free) are NOAT coolants and compatible with aluminum. No issues mixing NOAT & OAT coolants, you just diminish the additional cavitation protection nitrites provide. I've always abided by the rule that you can use a NOAT/OAT coolant in place of...
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    2022 F250 Build/Mod/Spam Thread

    FWIW - I have a Fab Fours rear bumper on my truck. The first one showed up with the mounting brackets welded crooked and one side 1/2" higher than the other, which I didn't catch before fighting like a SOB to get body-lines correct (con). Documented the issue with some crude triangulation...
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    34-35" Studded Winter Tires

    Keep us posted on how the Nittos do for you. The way things are going with parts shortages, it would be great to know of another good option when I'm shopping later this year.
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    34-35" Studded Winter Tires

    Sounds like you have made your choice, but I'll throw another contender in the ring for anyone else looking to do the same. I've run the Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX with great results over the past 3yrs on two different rigs. My driving habits put me at right around 50k miles per year, most of...
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    ISO - 2008-2010 F450 w/ ZF6

    Sorry for taking so long to get back at you, this new site format doesn't agree with my phone - so logging in on the PC is the only way I see new posts. I'm going to hold out for a factory hand-shaker for the time being. There is one for sale a few states over from me that was posted recently...
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    ISO - 2008-2010 F450 w/ ZF6

    This is what I’m finding as well. It seemed like there were a few out there pre-COVID, at reasonable prices even, but with truck prices being what they are for both new and used I don’t blame folks for hanging on to them. Great minds think alike. If you don’t mind PM’ing me a few pics and what...
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    ISO - 2008-2010 F450 w/ ZF6

    Looking for a unicorn. Unfortunately, I missed out on the one for sale here on this forum a few years ago. Searching for a 2008 - 2010 F450 Pickup with a ZF6. The more options, the better. Power windows/locks/mirrors are a must. Leather is a nice. Mechanical issues are fine as long as the...
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    Ford Stated That The Super Duty Lineup Will Receive A Redesign For 2023

    My point is that it's possible to retain the driver assistance / creature comforts, while reducing the overall number of processors on the vehicle. Usually requires a tear-up of the vehicle CAN architecture, which makes sense to align with a cab update.
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    Ford Stated That The Super Duty Lineup Will Receive A Redesign For 2023

    Given the state of the industry as a whole, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a push to reduce the number of controllers / smart devices per vehicle build. With chips being the rate limiting factor on build volume and no light at the end of the tunnel, it makes sense to roll as many vehicle...
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    Need some advice, buying 6.4 with built engine

    I’ve heard mixed feedback on the Mishimoto oil coolers, particularly clogging easily even on engines that were properly flushed and running a coolant filter. The quick and dirty way to “improve” heat exchanger performance is to increase surface area - which usually comes at the expense of...
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    Looks an awful lot like the old M4K forklift we used to move Conex's around, though ours articulated in the center. You might be able to find a old TM if you can pin down what model it is - judging from the paint its seen some time in the service.
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    What are your thoughts on some forum category changes?

    On the topic of forum maintenance/improvements, my biggest ask would be to go through the vendor list and parse out vendors who are no longer active / no longer actively supporting the forum. I've sent a number of PM's to vendors over the past few years with no response, presumably because they...
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    6.4 ZF6 Clutch issues Fixed!

    Any chance there was a PN# included for the bracket? Having similar issues with my dual disk in the ZF6, but South Bend wasn't kind enough to have included the reinforcement bracket.