Adrenaline HPOP - To Billet or To Not?

Buck Slayer

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Apr 28, 2022
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Going to be ordering a new hpop pretty quickly. I've got a couple options on the table, Adrenaline vs CNC Stage 2. I'm leaning towards the Adrenaline but could be swayed either way, the 3 year warranty vs the 1 year is one of my biggest sway points.

If I do go with the Adrenaline, my next point of indecisiveness is whether to go with the billet or standard cast aluminum housing. What are yalls thoughts on this? I know the billet offers advantages, but are the benefits actually necessary/worth the additional $400? If this is the case I don't mind spending the additional money for a significantly superior product, just wasn't sure how it all translated to real world differences. The other side of me says the cast aluminum can't be that bad, its not like I hear about tons of failure out of those models either... anyways, just wanted to see what you guys thought.