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JTX 22x10 Forged Wheels/Toyo 325/50 Tires FS

Black AOD

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Aug 6, 2014
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22x10 JTX Savage wheels with billet centers caps for Sale, 8x170. Tires are 325/50r22 Toyo ATIII tires with 8k miles on them. F load 12 ply. Set of 4. They do have TPMS sensors installed.

One wheel center cap has blemish from a lug nut being put on with an impact, nothing major. Wheels have been ceramic coated already. Lug nuts not included.

Selling together, not separating. Located in Central OH, near Columbus.

Will ship if need be but buyer will cover freight shipping. Asking $4,500.00 OBO


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