Need help with Icon shocks


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Aug 6, 2013
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Two and a half years ago I purchased an Icon spring hanger 4.5" lift kit front and 4" block rear along with lift matching 2.0 shocks. They rode great until my truck was stolen a year later and stripped and then the wrecker service damaged the shocks retrieving it from the ditch where it was abandoned. 1 shock was destroyed and I trashed it. The other 3 are salvageable. 2 of the shocks seem to be ok, the rod can be pushed all the way in and pushes out by itself. The 3rd shock is broken, the shaft is broken off flush with the tube. It cost me a fortune on top of the insurance claim to repair the truck and the money ran out on the shocks in which I bought the cheapest available so it rides bad.

My questions are: I am going back to stock height soon with the exception of a leveling kit. Will these shocks work at that height? I don't see an Icon shock listed for stock height. Also, Is it worth rebuilding the shocks and buying 1 more to make a set or would I be better off buying new? The shock bodies have some scratches and I would like to have them cosmetically fixed back to new if it is significantly cheaper than buying new units.

Thank you.

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