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Mad Max
06-12-2011, 02:21 PM
ok i originally posted this on another site, but since i no longer go over there, i figured i would bring it over here.Hopefully it will help someone out in the future.

Recently i became bored with the look of the headlights i had on my dually.Tired of having a stock look on my pickup i deceided it was time for a change. I found a complete set of very nice smoked headlights/parking lamps/ sidemarkers for around 100 dollars on ebay ( if you are interested in aquireing a set simply type in ford bronco headlights, the 92-97 bronco and f-150 headlights will work in a 92-97 f-250,f-350 and f-superduty), and decided to purchase them. When i recieved them to my dismay i discovered that the installation instructions were missing. Although i found a writeup article on installing lights to me it just didnt go into detail enough. So i am writing this to help anyone who decides to install headlights on there obs f-250, 350, or f-superduty (f-450) whether it be for necessity or for the sake of change. Be forewarned, this is not an easy task to undertake. You will have to be prepared to spend around 3 hours to complete ( less time if you refrain from a nice frosty beer), and have at least some knowledge of how to use basic hand tools.

*Mods if you can please make this a sticky for future reference for others.....

ok firstoff- Tools required to complete the task:

-needle nose pliars
- socket set ( SAE and Metric)
- screwdriver set ( if a set is not available you will may subsitute 2 flathead, and one phillips head screwdrivers)
-1 pair pliars
- brass hammer from a punch and hammer set
* although not a necessity a 12 pack beer of you choice does help the process along.

First step is to remove the grille:
this is a realtively simple task to accomplish, simply remove the top 4 screws and the one screw located in the middle of the grille twoards the bottom of the grille.


Second step is to remove the headlight bezels:
this to is simple, but make sure you know where all the bolts are;
First it does help if you remove one battery before you attempt to take off the bezel.Next remove the top 2 screws, and with the battery out of the way, find the two bolts holding in the parklights/bezels in place, there are only two of these, they are located on both sides of the backside of the parking light, below the headlight. You cannot see these bolts you simply have to feel for them. One is located where the blinker light bulb and wiring is- through the radiator core support, the other is located on the opposite side of the parking light bulb hole. There are hole big enough in the radiator core support that allows you to use a socket and wrench to loosen the nut holding onto these bolts. Once the nuts are broke free, unscrew and remove by hand. Now that the nuts are removed you may remove the parking lights/ sidemarkers/ and bezel in one piece, on both sides.

* take note that the headlight is attached to the grille reinforcement panel and cannot be removed until the grillle reinforcement panel is.


The third step is to remove the grillle reinforcement panel:
this is extremely simple. Simply remove the bolts with your socket set:


not pictured are the two bolts that are covered up by the bezel, they are located on the farthest side away from the truck, over by where the sidemarker light is.
* this is just one side, dont forget the other.


The fourth step is to swap out the headlights:
Now that the grille reinforcement panel is removed you can finally get to the headlight. Removal of the Headlight is simple, using two flathead screwdrivers and a pair of needlenose pliars remove the 3 brackets holding the headlight in place on the backside of the grille reinforcement panel, be sure to adjust the headlights so that is will fit evenly/ flush and project the light where you want to go. then simply reinstall the holding brackets onto the back of the headlights and panel.
* sorry didnt take pics of this

The Fifth step:
basically the same as the third step, only backwards. mount up the grille reinforcement panel, and reinstall all 11 of the bolts

The Sixth step - installing the parklights/ sidemarkers lenses onto bezel;
first remove the three screws holding the bezel and parklight lenses, once these are removed, remove the 2 self tapping bolts on the sidemarker, and remove the support bracket that holds the sidemarker and parklights together. Once this is done simply place your new parklights and sidemarker lenses, and install the bracket, screws and bolts.

The Seventh step- reinstalling the bezels:
basically the same as the second step, only backwards. Just remember to handtighten the nuts on the back of the parking lights and then use a socket to tighten up ( be sure you dont overtighten). once this is done simply change out the appropriate bulbs ( some of them may not fit - mostly the parking light bulbs-, if this is the case simply go to napa and pick up the correct bulbs in amber color, they DO carry these, but i cannot remember the part number off hand), and reconnect the battery if you have removed it.

the Eighth step, reinstalling the grille:
Exactly the opposite of step one, just replace the screws and tighten them.

and that is it, that is how you change out headlights on an OBS.



And After:


Tom S
06-12-2011, 08:59 PM
PM one of the mods to put this in the library

Magnum PD
06-12-2011, 09:12 PM
I put an aftermarket set on my OBS as well. I transfered the adjustment to the new set

07-04-2011, 09:26 PM
thanks for this thread, helped me, those 2 bolts that you cant see had me mind Fu**ed!

07-04-2011, 09:28 PM
I like the new headlights. Good write up- a little more involved than ya might think lol

07-09-2011, 07:14 AM
one thing to add is that the left to right adjustment is covered up by the headlight bezel so make sure you get them sitting where you want them before you button everything up. the up and down can be adjusted all put together though

10-16-2011, 07:07 PM
Thank You. To Mad Max . Recently purchased new headlights package from
Paul at Complete Performance and used your thread posted on 06-12-2011
extremely useful especially when it came to the 2 unseen bolts located behind the bezel. Took me more than 3 hours but also did oil, oil filter, and fuel filter change on same day. Again thank you. Wayne (CAT97)
p.s. Will try and get some pics asap to post.:ford:

10-23-2011, 08:50 PM
Ill be doing this next week. Except with one piece headlights. I wonder if installation will differ any?

Mad Max
11-13-2011, 02:37 PM
gald to see this thread has helped out a few members so far :thumbup:

as for one piece headlights, im not sure if the installation will differ any, how did it go 7.3psd97444?

11-13-2011, 03:35 PM
No different.

11-17-2011, 09:33 PM
Thanks! I'm replacing the core support on my 96. I will be changing out headlights as well.