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Default 96 f250 Crew cab complete resto

How we doing everyone. my name is Colin I am 23 and i live in south burbs of Chicago. Im new to the forums but not to powerstrokes/fords. Die hard fan. Grew up traveling in one, actually the one I am restoring. My dad is the original owner of the truck purchased in 96 ( i was 3), ive loved this truck since he got it. I remember in 99 when he lifted it, i thought it was GIANT. fast forward some years now and what im doing to it is a completely cab off resto. Its going to be better then new. Ill continue to update as i carry along with the truck as i do it after work pretty much everyday! check out where it was, to how it is now in the pics! Also I must mention its not a 7.3! its a 460. :/ i know im sorry. but thats okay becasue i am going to build it and make it the nastiest sounding 460 you'll ever hear! So when i say resto im talking about powder-coating frame , axles and every other part on the truck. 05 axle swap with air ride (maybe), Hydro steering? Its getting all new everything. except interior. seats are MINT. Take in mind that me and my buddy are doing all the work. no shops. when i say no shops i mean labor and all the fab. Obviously ill take the motor and trans will get cleaned and what not by someone. I say that so when i show you when its done you wont believe it. I want to prove to young people like me that you dont need big $ or a top of the line shop to build your dream truck. Just put your heart and soul into it and let her ride. you will come out on top.

This was a few day after i pulled it into the barn. I cut the bed up when it was at my house because it was a goner. nothing left and rusted away.

After gutting the cab and removing the doors it was time to try and remove the cab. Now its just me and my buddy doing all this. No lift. No hoists. Nothing. luckily the barn had a office in it we tore down so we had plenty of 2x4's to build a "cab dolly" to push it around. after we got it off. It was not easy. they are HEAVY. cab is 90% rust free other then front cab mounts. ill have fixed before paint.

So, after we got the cab off it was the motors time. I must mention all the bolts came out pretty easy, we only broke about 5 between the cab mount bolts and a few others. we got EXTREMELY lucky with disassembly.

so after a long night, and a case of beer we managed to get the motor, trans and t case out. What i would say was the hardest part of this hole thing so far.

after the motor was time for the old axles. which had to go. me and my dad argued back and forth wether or not to change them or not.

FINALLY i convinced him to allow me to do a 05+ axle swap on her, so i had to hunt for a chassis. few days go by and BINGO a clean 05 chassis and cab. $1000. It was about an hour away, so a trip with the ol 6.7 was a go. Which is a diesel btw haha

next i didn't need the single cab so i had to find a buyer. I got really lucky and a buddies buddy needed a white single cab! so not 15 hours after of me getting the chassis i sold the cab. $300. so chassis for $700. pretty good deal if you ask me.

next, which is today. 1/9/17. I am welding all the unused holes on the frame and smoothing it all out! my next plan is to roll the other chassis inside. mount up the suspension. Remove it all and finish up welding and grinding the frame. After that is all said and done its off to blasting and powder coat! oh yah the axles are getting blasted and coated to. haven't decided a color!

So thats pretty much it as of now! I will update daily as I go on. please leave me feedback and comment! love to get new ideas from you guys and answer any questions. Im doing this day by day, no big plan but to finish it before summer! Thank you guys!

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