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Default 03 Limited Head unit question

I've got a 2003 Limited Ex with steering wheel controls, single CD head unit, and rear entertainment system (with rear seat controls).

I have wanted to change the head unit since I bought the EX but the loss of the rear entertainment system would not go over well with my two young daughters.

Not having a clean way to play music in the Ex has driven me nuts for long enough. My question is: if I were to buy a single DIN (only so I don't have to trim the dash surround) dvd player with all the bells and whistles, including 2 zone capability, could I feed the rear screen with an RCA video cable? I dislike exposed wires but I feel as though I could hide/live with one wire tucked up in the head liner.

I realise that I will lose the rear controls as well as the dvd functionality of the rear entertainment system but I can live with that for the moment. Does anyone see a problem with going about it in this manner? Or has anyone come up with a better way around this particular problem? I've seen the YouTube video of the guy who cut off the plugs near the head unit and essentially hard wired the headunit to the rear dvd player. Not a huge fan of hacking up a perfectly good wiring harness.

Sorry for the long winded post.

Thanks for any help.

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