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Default SCT 6.0 Tunes

idk If its the tune or My truck 07 CCSB but, with the Can sct street and performance tunes my truck Is Strong feeling, but at the same time it seems like there is a fuel issue maybe.. or Injector related "Pulesing" persay... idk, its like it Wants More fuel.. pulse's an Roars in an out kinda. 5" stainless str8 pipe an S&B w zoodad, egr ******

Do they just run this way or are they Normally Smooth an a Solid Full Force power at wot?

I have 3 customs tune coming from sinister.. but idk if I may have a problem rightnow? It Only does it worse at 1/3 too 3/4 throttle, Slightly at WOT an Nooone at idle too 1/3.
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May want to post this in 6.0 section....not much help in the classified section.
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