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Originally Posted by sootie View Post
Then put a 12v elevtric ball valve on said line and run off an upfitter and you can transfer fuel when driving down the road.
Yup. I'm surprised this type of install didn't come up sooner!

I got a 45 gallon RDS tank in the bed.

I installed a 12 volt solenoid valve in place of the manual ball valve that came with the RDS auxiliary install kit. Wires to one of the upfitter switches. The little light is enough reminder to keep you from filling to much while driving. When you turn the truck off, upfitter switches lose power & close the valve as well so you don't wake up to a puddle of diesel.

I also put a hand transfer pump on. Went with a hand pump because with a quick change, it's also a suction pump to fill the auxiliary tank.

RDS tanks come with extra connection points & a spot for a guage. Installed a simple guage to monitor the level. Thought about a digital one as the truck has a connection somewhere to monitor a second tank level but didn't feel like digging that deep yet.

Also put a hookup for my diesel generator. Screw the hose on quick & I can then run my generator for 500 hours if needed off a full auxiliary tank.

About 1,000 miles driving range at 75 mph with everything topped off.

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