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Old 08-06-2012, 01:27 AM
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Default 2014 Ford Super Duty

Ok I've posted about this before but was wondering if anyone had any new information. Chevy has a new boxed chassis, wider leaf springs, beefed up rear axle, beefed up front suspension, and reported to have new interior by 2014. Now ram has an updated torque converter, bigger transmission cooler, retuned 6.7 cummins, and now with spy photos showing that they are going to a single large control arm like the super duty. I'm a die hard ford loyalists but been a little dissapointed with the super duty. The frame and axles haven't changed that much since 1999 except for the change from leaf springs to coil spring and the front grille changes. Yes I know the motor and transmission has changed drastically. But I'm curious if anyone has any inside news of what FORD is doing to take on competition?
Old 08-06-2012, 03:35 AM
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Nothing they don't need to. There stuff is as strong with out having to constantly change what works. The old saying" if it ain't broke don't fix it " comes to mind.

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Even with Dodge transmission updates they still wont be worth Jack crap

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now you on the other hand should go wash your mouth out with a revolver.
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Fords has never had major issues with axles or anything. No reason to fix it.
Old 08-06-2012, 06:52 AM
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Ford hasn't changed much, because they dont need to. Looks, and frame/suspension, etc. are far superior to the others. Front door edge back is perfrct, it may be a 14 year old design, but it works..the other brands get uglier and uglier, and I think Fordbwill be hard pressed to find a better, more masculine look than the current sd platform. Do I want to see this body have a 20yr run? Of course not..but where do you improve on it, without a total re-do, and getting gaudy?

I have a '06 3500 cc dodge for a work truck, 5.9 and 6 speed, and our 34' enclosed gooseneck empty is enough to squat the truck, not to mention once you throw a load in it. My f250 handles the same load/weight with less squat, than the dodge does. My truck also feels more solid under a load..both our dodges have a real floaty feel at speed, that is not there with my ford. Not to mention, the steering feel at speed..much more correction is done in the dodge, than in mine going down the road at 70.
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Old 08-06-2012, 04:20 PM
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Like others have said, why change something when there isn't anything wrong? My dads 2012 is solid, really solid. He puts his trucks through hell on our farm on a daily basis. In my opinion, his 2012 has done better than his 2008 did. He doesn't have near as many miles on it yet but so far it has been a great truck.
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Old 08-06-2012, 06:42 PM
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Ford needs to update the Super Duty, but they don't need to make any drastic changes.
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According to GM, they upgraded their rear leaf springs to 3" wide... Ford has used 3" wide springs since '99, the 6000 lb front suspension rating... Ford has offered that since '05 on the 250/350 SRWs. So, all of those 2012 GM "HD" upgrades are old news in comparison. The new trucks these days are very close in performance and it really lies in brand loyalty and what you plan to do with it after the purchase - lifting, engine mods, etc...
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they all said it...done...I drive a Ford because its a very well put together truck and always has been. As long as they keep the motor problems at bay, they will do just fine with the competition like they always have
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I think every truck has room for improvement in areas. I think ford just made a big mistake by removing a leafspring from the leafspring pack. and I hate to say it but th 2011 models seem to squat more then the 2008 models even though the 2011's are rated for heavier pay loads and that's with the same amount of weight in the bed. Also I think ford could use higher psi rated steel. Ford currently uses 36,000 psi tensile rated steel while dodge uses 50,000 psi and chevy uses 60,000 psi... Dont get me wrong I love ford trucks and would never buy a dodge or chevy and I'm not saying completely change the design I just think there is room for some improvement.

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